Pokémon: Original series Filler List

Updated on November 17, 2020

Pokémon: Original series was an anime series that ran from 1997 to 2002. In total 274 episodes of Pokémon: Original series were aired. With a total of 77 reported filler episodes, Pokémon: Original series has a moderate filler percentage of 28%.

Follow Ash Ketchum as he journeys to become a Pokemon Master. (Please read the comments).

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Pokémon: Original series Episode List

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1Pokémon - I Choose You!Anime Canon1997-04-01
2Pokémon Emergency!Anime Canon1997-04-08
3Ash Catches a PokémonAnime Canon1997-04-15
4Challenge of the SamuraiAnime Canon1997-04-22
5Showdown in Pewter CityAnime Canon1997-04-29
6Clefairy and the Moon StoneAnime Canon1997-05-06
7The Water Flowers of Cerulean City Anime Canon1997-05-13
8The Path to the Pokémon LeagueFiller1997-05-20
9The School of Hard KnocksAnime Canon1997-05-27
10Bulbasaur and the Hidden VillageAnime Canon1997-06-03
11Charmander – The Stray PokémonAnime Canon1997-06-10
12Here Comes the Squirtle SquadAnime Canon1997-06-17
13Mystery at the LighthouseAnime Canon1997-06-24
14Electric Shock ShowdownAnime Canon1997-07-01
15Battle Aboard the St. AnneAnime Canon1997-07-08
16Pokémon ShipwreckAnime Canon1997-07-15
17Island of the Giant PokémonAnime Canon1997-07-22
18Beauty and The BeachAnime Canon1997-07-29
19Tentacool & TentacruelAnime Canon1997-08-05
20The Ghost of Maiden's PeakFiller1997-08-12
21Bye Bye ButterfreeAnime Canon1997-08-19
22Abra and the Psychic ShowdownAnime Canon1997-08-26
23The Tower of TerrorAnime Canon1997-09-02
24Haunter versus KadabraAnime Canon1997-09-09
25Primeape Goes BananasAnime Canon1997-09-16
26Pokémon Scent-sation!Anime Canon1997-09-23
27Hypno's NaptimeAnime Canon1997-09-30
28Pokémon Fashion FlashAnime Canon1997-10-07
29The Punchy PokémonAnime Canon1997-10-14
30Sparks Fly for MagnemiteAnime Canon1997-10-21
31Dig Those Diglett!Anime Canon1997-10-28
32The Ninja Poké-ShowdownAnime Canon1997-11-04
33The Flame Pokémon-athon!Mixed Canon/Filler1997-11-11
34The Kangaskhan KidFiller1997-11-18
35The Legend of Dratini (JP Only)Anime Canon1997-11-25
36The Bridge Bike GangAnime Canon1997-12-02
37Ditto's Mysterious MansionFiller1997-12-09
38Holiday Hi-Jynx!Filler1997-12-16
39Pikachu's GoodbyeAnime Canon1998-04-16
40The Battling Eevee BrothersMixed Canon/Filler1998-04-16
41Wake Up Snorlax!Filler1998-04-23
42Showdown at Dark CityFiller1998-04-30
43The March of the Exeggutor SquadAnime Canon1998-05-07
44The Problem with ParasAnime Canon1998-05-14
45The Song of JigglypuffAnime Canon1998-05-21
46Attack of the Prehistoric PokémonAnime Canon1998-05-28
47A Chansey OperationFiller1998-06-04
48Holy Matrimony!Anime Canon1998-06-11
48So Near, Yet So Farfetch'dMixed Canon/Filler1998-06-18
50Who Gets to Keep Togepi?Anime Canon1998-06-25
51Bulbasaur's Mysterious GardenAnime Canon1998-07-02
52Princess vs. PrincessAnime Canon1998-07-10
53The Purr-fect HeroMixed Canon/Filler1998-07-09
54The Case of the K-9 Caper!Filler1998-07-16
55Pokémon PaparazziAnime Canon1998-07-23
56The Ultimate TestAnime Canon1998-07-31
57The Breeding Center SecretAnime Canon1998-08-06
58Riddle Me ThisAnime Canon1998-08-13
59Volcanic PanicAnime Canon1998-08-20
60Beach Blank-Out BlastoiseFiller1998-08-27
61The Misty MermaidAnime Canon1998-09-03
62Snow Way Out!Anime Canon1998-10-05
63Clefairy TalesAnime Canon1998-09-10
64The Battle Of The BadgeAnime Canon1998-09-17
65It's Mr. Mime TimeAnime Canon1998-09-24
66The Evolution SolutionAnime Canon1998-10-15
67Showdown at the Po-ké CorralAnime Canon1998-10-01
68The Pi-KahunaFiller1998-10-22
69Make Room for GloomFiller1998-10-29
70Lights, Camera, Quack-tionAnime Canon1998-11-05
71Go West Young MeowthAnime Canon1998-11-12
72To Master the Onixpected!Anime Canon1998-11-19
73The Ancient Puzzle of PokémopolisFiller1998-11-26
74Bad To The BoneAnime Canon1998-12-03
75All Fired Up!Anime Canon1998-12-10
76Round One - Begin!Anime Canon1998-12-17
77Fire and IceAnime Canon1998-12-24
78The Fourth Round RumbleAnime Canon1999-01-01
79A Friend In DeedAnime Canon1999-01-07
80Friend and Foe AlikeAnime Canon1999-01-14
81Friends to the EndAnime Canon1999-01-21
82Pallet Party PanicAnime Canon1999-01-28
83A Scare in the AirAnime Canon1999-02-04
84Poké Ball PerilAnime Canon1999-02-11
85The Lost LaprasAnime Canon1999-02-18
86Fit To Be TideAnime Canon1999-02-25
87Pikachu Re-VoltsAnime Canon1999-03-04
88The Crystal OnixMixed Canon/Filler1999-03-11
89In The PinkFiller1999-03-18
90Shell Shock!Filler1999-03-25
91Stage Fight!Filler1999-04-01
92Bye Bye PsyduckFiller1999-04-08
93The Joy of PokémonFiller1999-04-15
94Navel ManeuversAnime Canon1999-04-22
95Snack AttackAnime Canon1999-04-29
96A Shipful of ShiversAnime Canon1999-05-06
97Tracey Gets BuggedAnime Canon1999-05-20
98Meowth Rules!Mixed Canon/Filler1999-05-13
99A Way Off Day OffFiller1999-05-27
100The Mandarin Island Miss MatchAnime Canon1999-06-03
101Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon?Filler1999-06-10
102Get Along, Little PokémonFiller1999-06-17
103The Mystery MenaceAnime Canon1999-06-24
104Misty Meets Her MatchAnime Canon1999-07-01
105Bound For TroubleFiller1999-07-15
106Charizard ChillsAnime Canon1999-07-22
107The Pokémon Water WarAnime Canon1999-07-29
108Pokémon Food Fight!Anime Canon1999-08-05
109Pokémon Double TroubleAnime Canon1999-08-12
110The Wacky Watcher!Filler1999-08-19
111The Stun Spore DetourAnime Canon1999-08-26
112Hello, Pummelo!Anime Canon1999-09-02
113Enter The DragoniteAnime Canon1999-09-09
114Viva Las Lapras Anime Canon1999-09-16
115The Underground Round UpAnime Canon1999-09-23
116A Tent SituationAnime Canon1999-09-30
117The Rivalry RevivalAnime Canon1999-10-07
118Don't Touch That 'dileAnime Canon1999-10-14
119The Double Trouble HeaderAnime Canon1999-10-21
120A Sappy EndingAnime Canon1999-08-26
121Roll On, Pokémon!Mixed Canon/Filler1999-11-04
122Illusion Confusion!Anime Canon1999-11-11
123Flower PowerFiller1999-11-18
124Spinarak AttackFiller1999-11-25
125Snubbull SnobberyAnime Canon1999-12-02
126The Little Big HornFiller1999-12-09
127The Chikorita RescueAnime Canon1999-12-16
128Once in a Blue MoonAnime Canon1999-12-23
129The Whistle StopFiller2000-01-01
130Ignorance is BlisseyAnime Canon2000-01-06
131Fighting Flyer with FireAnime Canon2000-01-13
131A Bout With SproutMixed Canon/Filler2000-01-13
133For Crying Out LoudMixed Canon/Filler2000-01-20
134Tanks a Lot!Filler2000-02-03
135Charizard's Burning AmbitionsAnime Canon2000-02-10
136Grin to Win! Filler2000-02-17
137Chikorita's Big UpsetAnime Canon2000-02-24
138Foul Weather FriendsFiller2000-03-02
139The Superhero SecretFiller2000-03-09
140Mild 'n WoolyFiller2000-03-16
141Wired for Battle!Anime Canon2000-03-23
142Good 'Quil HuntingAnime Canon2000-03-30
143A Shadow of a DroughtAnime Canon2000-04-06
144Going Apricorn! Anime Canon2000-04-13
145Gettin' The Bugs OutAnime Canon2000-04-20
146A Farfetch'd TaleAnime Canon2000-04-27
147Tricks of the TradeAnime Canon2000-05-04
148The Fire-ing Squad!Anime Canon2000-05-11
149No Big Woop!Filler2000-05-18
150Tunnel VisionFiller2000-05-25
151Hour of the HoundourFiller2000-06-01
152The Totodile DuelAnime Canon2000-06-08
153Hot Matches!Anime Canon2000-06-15
154Love, Totodile StyleFiller2000-06-22
155Fowl Play!Anime Canon2000-06-29
156Forest GrumpsFiller2000-07-06
157The Psychic Sidekicks!Filler2000-07-13
158The Fortune HuntersAnime Canon2000-07-27
159A Goldenrod OpportunityAnime Canon2000-08-03
160A Dairy Tale EndingAnime Canon2000-08-10
161Air Time! Anime Canon2000-08-17
162The Bug Stops HereAnime Canon2000-08-24
163Fossil Fools Filler2000-09-07
163Type CastingFiller2000-08-31
165Carrying On!Filler2000-09-14
166Hassle in the CastleAnime Canon2000-09-21
167Two Hits and a MissFiller2000-09-28
168A Hot Water BattleFiller2000-10-05
169Hook, Line, and StinkerAnime Canon2000-10-12
170Beauty and the BreederAnime Canon2000-10-19
171A Better Pill to SwallowFiller2000-10-26
172Power Play!Anime Canon2000-11-02
173Mountain TimeFiller2000-11-09
175Imitation ConfrontationFiller2000-11-23
176The Trouble With SnubbullAnime Canon2000-11-30
177Ariados, AmigosAnime Canon2000-12-07
178Wings 'N' ThingsFiller2000-12-14
179The Grass RouteAnime Canon2000-12-21
180The Apple Corp!Filler2001-01-04
181Houndoom's Special DeliveryFiller2001-01-11
182A Ghost of a ChanceAnime Canon2001-01-18
183From Ghost to GhostAnime Canon2001-01-25
184Trouble's BrewingAnime Canon2001-02-01
185All That Glitters!Filler2001-02-08
186The Light FantasticFiller2001-02-15
188Moving PicturesAnime Canon2001-03-01
189Spring FeverAnime Canon2001-03-08
190Freeze FrameAnime Canon2001-03-15
191The Stolen Stones!Filler2001-03-22
192The Dunsparce DeceptionFiller2001-03-29
193The Wayward WobbuffetFiller2001-04-05
194Sick DazeAnime Canon2001-04-12
195Ring MastersAnime Canon2001-04-19
196The Poké SpokesmanFiller2001-04-26
197Control Freak!Anime Canon2001-05-03
198The Art of PokémonFiller2001-05-10
199The Heartbreak of BrockFiller2001-05-17
200Current EventsAnime Canon2001-05-24
201Turning Over A New BayleefAnime Canon2001-05-31
202Doin' What Comes Natu-rallyMixed Canon/Filler2001-06-07
203The Big Balloon Blow-UpFiller2001-06-14
204The Screen Actor's Guilt Filler2001-06-21
205Right On, Rhydon!Mixed Canon/Filler2001-06-28
206The Joy of Water PokémonFiller2001-07-12
206The Kecleon CaperFiller2001-07-05
208Got Miltank?Filler2001-07-19
209Fight for the Light!Anime Canon2001-07-26
210Machoke, Machoke Man!Anime Canon2001-08-02
211Around the WhirlpoolAnime Canon2001-08-09
212Fly Me to the MoonFiller2001-08-16
213Takin' It on the ChinchouFiller2001-08-23
214A Corsola Caper!Anime Canon2001-08-30
215Mantine Overboard!Anime Canon2001-09-06
216Octillery The OutcastAnime Canon2001-09-13
217Dueling HeroesAnime Canon2001-09-20
218The Perfect Match!Anime Canon2001-09-27
219Plant It Now... Diglett LaterFiller2001-10-04
220Hi Ho Silver... Away!Anime Canon2001-10-11
221The Mystery is HistoryAnime Canon2001-10-18
222A Parent Trapped!Anime Canon2001-10-25
223A Promise is a PromiseAnime Canon2001-11-01
224Throwing in the NoctowlAnime Canon2001-11-08
225Nerves of Steelix!Anime Canon2001-11-15
226Bulbasaur... the Ambassador!Anime Canon2001-11-22
227Espeon, Not IncludedAnime Canon2001-11-29
228For Ho-Oh the Bells Toll!Anime Canon2001-12-06
229Extreme Pokémon!Anime Canon2001-12-13
230An EGG-sighting Adventure!Anime Canon2001-12-20
231Hatching a PlanAnime Canon2001-12-27
232Dues and Don'tsAnime Canon2002-01-10
233Just Waiting On a FriendFiller2002-01-17
234A Tyrogue Full of TroubleFiller2002-01-24
235Xatu the FutureFiller2002-01-31
236Talkin' 'Bout an EvolutionAnime Canon2002-02-07
237Rage of InnocenceAnime Canon2002-02-14
238As Cold as PryceAnime Canon2002-02-21
239Nice Pryce, Baby!Anime Canon2002-02-28
240Whichever Way the Wind BlowsFiller2002-03-07
241Some Like it HotMixed Canon/Filler2002-03-14
242Hocus PokémonAnime Canon2002-03-21
243As Clear as CrystalAnime Canon2002-03-28
244Same Old Song and DanceFiller2002-04-11
245Enlighten Up!Filler2002-04-18
246Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?Anime Canon2002-04-25
247Wish Upon a Star ShapeFiller2002-05-02
248Outrageous FortunesAnime Canon2002-05-09
249One Trick Phony!Filler2002-05-16
250I Politoed Ya So!Anime Canon2002-05-23
251Beauty is Skin DeepAnime Canon2002-06-06
252Fangs for Nothin'Anime Canon2002-06-13
253Great Bowls of Fire!Anime Canon2002-06-20
254Better Eight Than NeverAnime Canon2002-06-27
255Why? Wynaut!Anime Canon2002-07-04
256Just Add Water Filler2002-07-11
257Lapras of LuxuryAnime Canon2002-07-18
258Hatch Me If You CanAnime Canon2002-07-25
259Entei at Your Own Risk Anime Canon2002-08-01
260A Crowning AchievementFiller2002-08-08
261Here's Lookin' at You, ElekidAnime Canon2002-08-15
262You're a Star, Larvitar! Anime Canon2002-08-22
263Address Unown!Anime Canon2002-08-29
264Mother of All BattlesAnime Canon2002-09-05
265Pop Goes The SneaselAnime Canon2002-09-12
266A Claim to Flame!Anime Canon2002-09-19
267Love, Pokémon StyleAnime Canon2002-09-26
268Tie One On!Anime Canon2002-10-03
269The Ties That BindAnime Canon2002-10-10
270Can't Beat the Heat!Anime Canon2002-10-17
271Playing with Fire!Anime Canon2002-10-24
272Johto Photo FinishAnime Canon2002-10-31
273Gotta Catch Ya Later!Anime Canon2002-11-07
274Hoenn Alone!Anime Canon2002-11-14


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