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Updated on June 15, 2024

Case Closed is an ongoing anime series that started in 1996. So far 1130 episodes of Case Closed have been aired. With a total of 518 reported filler episodes, Case Closed has a high filler percentage of 46%.

While investigating the Black Organization, a detective named Shinichi Kudo is captured and forced to take an experimental poison pill. The pill meant to kill him without trace. However, it backfires turning Kudo into a child instead of killing him. Kudo goes into hiding as Conan Edogawa to continue his investigation of the Black Organization.

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-5, 7-13, 15-16, 18, 20, 22-23, 27-28, 31-32, 34-35, 38-40, 42-43, 46, 48-50, 52, 54, 57-58, 60, 63, 68-70, 72, 75-78, 81-82, 84-86, 91, 96, 98-105, 112-118, 121-122, 128-134, 136-139, 141-142, 144-147, 153-154, 156-157, 162-164, 166-168, 170-174, 176-178, 188-195, 199-200, 205-206, 212-213, 217-224, 226-231, 233-234, 238-244, 246-247, 249-250, 253-254, 258-259, 263, 266-272, 274-275, 277-280, 284-293, 301-302, 304-313, 316-317, 323-327, 329-336, 338-341, 343-347, 350-351, 354-356, 358-359, 361-362, 366-367, 371-372, 374-375, 381-383, 385-387, 390-391, 394-396, 398-402, 406-408, 411-412, 415-417, 421-422, 425, 427-432, 435-436, 438, 443-447, 449, 453-455, 457-458, 460, 462-467, 469-470, 472-474, 476-477, 479, 481-482, 484-485, 487-488, 490-511, 513-517, 521-526, 528-535, 537-538, 542-543, 545-546, 549-552, 557-561, 563-564, 568-569, 571-576, 578-581, 583-587, 589-590, 592-593, 597-598, 600-601, 608-628, 632-633, 642-657, 659-662, 667-668, 671-676, 681-685, 690-691, 699-706, 710-715, 722-725, 727-728, 731-732, 734, 738-741, 744-749, 751-752, 754-756, 759-760, 763-766, 770-773, 779-783, 785-788, 792-793, 808-812, 814-815, 822-823, 827-828, 830-832, 836-837, 843-844, 847-850, 853-854, 861-864, 866-867, 872-874, 878-879, 881-882, 885-890, 894-897, 901-902, 909-910, 916-917, 919-920, 925-928, 941-942, 952-954, 971-974, 983-984, 993-995, 1000-1001, 1003-1005, 1011-1012, 1018-1020, 1024-1025, 1029, 1033-1035, 1038, 1042, 1045-1046, 1053-1054, 1059-1061, 1071-1072, 1077-1079, 1085-1086, 1093-1094, 1098-1099, 1105-1106, 1109-1110, 1115-1116, 1123-1124
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:1076

Case Closed Episode List

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1The Roller Coaster Murder CaseManga Canon1996-01-08
2Company President's Daughter Kidnapping CaseManga Canon1996-01-15
3An Idol's Locked Room Murder CaseManga Canon1996-01-22
4The Coded Map of the City CaseManga Canon1996-01-29
5The Shinkansen's Bomb CaseManga Canon1996-02-05
6Valentine Murder CaseFiller1996-02-12
7Once-A-Month Present Threat CaseManga Canon1996-02-19
8Art Museum Owner Murder Case Manga Canon1996-02-26
9Tenkaichi Night Festival Murder Case Manga Canon1996-03-04
10Pro Soccer Player Blackmail Case Manga Canon1996-03-11
11Moonlight Sonata Murder Case (1 Hour Special)Manga Canon1996-04-08
12Ayumi-chan Kidnapping Case Manga Canon1996-04-15
13The Strange Person Hunt Murder Case Manga Canon1996-04-22
14The Mysterious Shooting Message CaseFiller1996-04-29
15Missing Corpse Murder CaseManga Canon1996-05-13
16The Antique Collector Murder CaseManga Canon1996-05-20
17The Case of the Hi-Jacked Department StoreFiller1996-05-27
18A June Bride Murder CaseManga Canon1996-06-03
19An Elevator Murder CaseFiller1996-06-10
20A Haunted Mansion Murder CaseManga Canon1996-06-17
21On Location, TV Drama Murder CaseFiller1996-06-24
22Luxury Liner Serial Murder Case (Part 1)Manga Canon1996-07-01
23Luxury Liner Serial Murder Case (Part 2)Manga Canon1996-07-08
24The Mysterious Woman With Amnesia CaseFiller1996-07-15
25The False Kidnapping and Hostage CaseFiller1996-07-22
26Pet Dog John Murder CaseFiller1996-07-29
27Kogoro's Class Reunion Murder Case (Part 1)Manga Canon1996-08-05
28Kogoro's Class Reunion Murder Case (Part 2)Manga Canon1996-08-12
29Computer Murder CaseFiller1996-08-19
30Alibi Testimony Murder CaseFiller1996-08-26
31TV Station Murder CaseManga Canon1996-09-02
32Coffee Shop Murder CaseManga Canon1996-09-09
33Detective Boys Survival CaseFiller1996-10-14
34Mountain Villa Bandaged Man Murder Case (Part 1)Manga Canon1996-10-21
35Mountain Villa Bandaged Man Murder Case (Part 2)Manga Canon1996-10-28
36Monday Night 7:30 P.M. Murder CaseFiller1996-11-04
37Cactus's Flower Murder CaseFiller1996-11-11
38Akaoni Village Fire Festival Murder CaseManga Canon1996-11-18
39Wealthy Daughter Murder Case (Part 1)Manga Canon1996-11-25
40Wealthy Daughter Murder Case (Part 2)Manga Canon1996-12-02
41Victory Flag Tearing CaseFiller1996-12-09
42Karaoke Box Murder CaseManga Canon1996-12-16
43Conan Edogawa Kidnapping CaseManga Canon1997-01-13
44Three Hotta Siblings Murder CaseFiller1997-01-20
45Facial Mask Murder CaseFiller1997-01-27
46Alpine Hut in the Snowy Mountain Murder CaseManga Canon1997-02-03
47Sports Club Murder CaseFiller1997-02-10
48Diplomat Murder Case (Part 1)Manga Canon1997-02-17
49Diplomat Murder Case (Part 2)Manga Canon1997-02-24
50Library Murder CaseManga Canon1997-03-03
51The Golf Driving Range Murder CaseFiller1997-03-10
52The Mist Goblin Legend Murder Case (1 Hour Special)Manga Canon1997-03-17
53The Mystery Weapon Murder CaseFiller1997-04-07
54Game Company Murder CaseManga Canon1997-04-14
55The Train Trick Murder CaseFiller1997-04-21
56The Ojamanbou Murder CaseFiller1997-04-28
57Holmes Freak Murder Case (Part 1)Manga Canon1997-05-05
58Holmes Freak Murder Case (Part 2)Manga Canon1997-05-12
59The First Errand Murder CaseFiller1997-05-19
60An Illustrator Murder CaseManga Canon1997-05-26
61A Ghost Ship Murder Case (Part 1)Filler1997-06-02
62A Ghost Ship Murder Case (Part 2)Filler1997-06-09
63Big Monster Gomera Murder CaseManga Canon1997-06-16
64The Third Fingerprint Murder CaseFiller1997-06-23
65A Crab and Whale Kidnapping CaseFiller1997-06-30
66Night Road Murder CaseFiller1997-07-07
67Stage Actress Murder CaseFiller1997-07-14
68Night Baron Murder Case (Case Part)Manga Canon1997-07-21
69Night Baron Murder Case (Suspicion Part)Manga Canon1997-07-28
70Night Baron Murder Case (Resolution Part)Manga Canon1997-08-04
71A Stalker's Murder CaseFiller1997-08-11
72The Triplet's Country Home Murder CaseManga Canon1997-08-18
73The Detective Boys' Disaster CaseFiller1997-08-25
74The Death God Jinnai Murder CaseFiller1997-09-01
75Loan Company President's Murder CaseManga Canon1997-09-08
76Conan vs. Kaito Kid (1 Hour Special)Manga Canon1997-09-22
77Distinguished Family's Consecutive Accidental Death Case (Part 1)Manga Canon1997-10-20
78Distinguished Family's Consecutive Accidental Death Case (Part 2)Manga Canon1997-10-27
79The Bank Heist Murder CaseFiller1997-11-03
80The Wandering Artist Murder CaseFiller1997-11-10
81The Kidnapping of a Popular Artist Case (Part 1)Manga Canon1997-11-17
82The Kidnapping of a Popular Artist Case (Part 2)Manga Canon1997-11-24
83General Hospital Murder CaseFiller1997-12-01
84Ski Lodge Murder Case (Part 1)Manga Canon1997-12-08
85Ski Lodge Murder Case (Part 2)Manga Canon1997-12-15
86The Kidnapping Location CaseManga Canon1998-01-12
87The Crane's Reciprocation Murder CaseFiller1998-01-19
88Dracula's Villa Murder Case (Part 1)Filler1998-01-26
89Dracula's Villa Murder Case (Part 2)Filler1998-02-02
90The Flower Scent Murder CaseFiller1998-02-09
91The Bank Robber's Hospitalization CaseManga Canon1998-02-16
92The Fearful Traversing Murder Case (Part 1)Filler1998-02-23
93The Fearful Traversing Murder Case (Part 2)Filler1998-03-02
94Snow Woman Legend Murder CaseFiller1998-03-09
95Kogoro's Date Murder CaseFiller1998-03-16
96Caught Up with the Great Detective! 2 Murder Cases! (2 Hour Special)Manga Canon1998-03-23
97The Farewell Wine Murder CaseFiller1998-04-13
98The Famous Potter Murder Case (Part 1)Manga Canon1998-04-20
99The Famous Potter Murder Case (Part 2)Manga Canon1998-04-27
100The Memories of First Love Case (Part 1)Manga Canon1998-05-11
101The Memories of First Love Case (Part 2)Manga Canon1998-05-18
102Historical Actor Murder Case (Part 1)Manga Canon1998-05-24
103Historical Actor Murder Case (Part 2)Manga Canon1998-06-01
104The Mysterious Robbers and Mansion Case (Part 1)Manga Canon1998-06-08
105The Mysterious Robbers and Mansion Case (Part 2)Manga Canon1998-06-15
106Scoop Picture Murder CaseFiller1998-06-22
107The Mysterious Mole Alien Case (Part 1)Filler1998-06-29
108The Mysterious Mole Alien Case (Part 2)Filler1998-07-06
109Detective Club Pursuit CaseFiller1998-07-13
110Cooking Classroom Murder Case (Part 1)Filler1998-08-10
111Cooking Classroom Murder Case (Part 2)Filler1998-07-27
112The Seven Mysteries of Teitan Elementary School CaseManga Canon1998-08-03
113The White Sandy Beach Murder CaseManga Canon1998-08-24
114Scuba Diving Murder Case (Part 1)Manga Canon1998-08-31
115Scuba Diving Murder Case (Part 2)Manga Canon1998-08-17
116The Mystery Writer Disappearance Case (Part 1)Manga Canon1998-09-07
117The Mystery Writer Disappearance Case (Part 2)Manga Canon1998-09-14
118The Naniwa Serial Murder Case (1 Hour Special)Manga Canon1998-09-21
119Masked Yaiba Murder CaseFiller1998-10-12
120A Honey Cocktail Murder CaseFiller1998-10-19
121The Locked Bathroom Murder Case (Part 1)Manga Canon1998-10-26
122The Locked Bathroom Murder Case (Part 2)Manga Canon1998-11-02
123The Weather Girl Kidnapping CaseFiller1998-11-09
124A Mysterious Sniper Murder Case (Part 1)Filler1998-11-16
125A Mysterious Sniper Murder Case (Part 2)Filler1998-11-23
126The Traveling Drama Troupe Murder Case (Part 1)Filler1998-11-30
127The Traveling Drama Troupe Murder Case (Part 2)Filler1998-12-07
128The Black Organization: 1 Billion Yen Robbery CaseManga Canon1998-12-14
129The Girl from the Black Organization and the University Professor Murder Case (2 Hour Special)Manga Canon1999-01-04
130The Indiscriminate Threatening Stadium Case (Part 1)Manga Canon1999-01-11
131The Indiscriminate Threatening Stadium Case (Part 2)Manga Canon1999-01-18
132Magic Lover's Murder Case (The Murder)Manga Canon1999-01-25
133Magic Lover's Murder Case (The Suspicion)Manga Canon1999-02-01
134Magic Lover's Murder Case (The Resolution)Manga Canon1999-02-08
135The Disappearing Weapon CaseFiller1999-02-15
136The Old Blue Castle Investigation Case (Part 1)Manga Canon1999-02-22
137The Old Blue Castle Investigation Case (Part 2)Manga Canon1999-03-01
138The Final Screening Murder Case (Part 1)Manga Canon1999-03-08
139The Final Screening Murder Case (Part 2)Manga Canon1999-03-15
140SOS! Message from Ayumi!Filler1999-04-12
141The Night Before the Wedding Locked Room Case (Part 1)Manga Canon1999-04-19
142The Night Before the Wedding Locked Room Case (Part 2)Manga Canon1999-04-26
143The Suspicious Astronomical ObservationFiller1999-05-03
144The North Star No. 3 Express Leaving Ueno (Part 1)Manga Canon1999-05-10
145The North Star No. 3 Express Leaving Ueno (Part 2)Manga Canon1999-05-17
146Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story (Part 1)Manga Canon1999-05-24
147Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story (Part 2)Manga Canon1999-05-30
148The Sudden Street Car Stopping CaseFiller1999-06-07
149The Amusement Park Bungee Jumping CaseFiller1999-06-21
150The Truth of the Exploding Car Case (Part 1)Filler1999-06-28
151The Truth of the Exploding Car Case (Part 2)Filler1999-07-05
152The Mysterious Old Man Disappearance CaseFiller1999-07-12
153Sonoko's Dangerous Summer Story (Part 1)Manga Canon1999-07-19
154Sonoko's Dangerous Summer Story (Part 2)Manga Canon1999-07-26
155The Key in the Water Locked Room CaseFiller1999-08-02
156Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 2 (Part 1)Manga Canon1999-08-09
157Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 2 (Part 2)Manga Canon1999-08-16
158The Silent Ring LineFiller1999-08-23
159Bizarre! The Legend of the Five Storied Pagoda (Part 1)Filler1999-09-06
160Bizarre! The Legend of the Five Storied Pagoda (Part 2)Filler1999-09-13
161The Murder Floating in RyusuiteiFiller1999-09-20
162The Sealed Chamber in the Sky! Shinichi Kudo's First Case (1 Hour Special)Manga Canon1999-09-27
163The Secret of the Moon, the Star, and the Sun (Part 1)Manga Canon1999-10-11
164The Secret of the Moon, the Star, and the Sun (Part 2)Manga Canon1999-10-18
165The Disappearing Detective Boys CaseFiller1999-10-25
166Tottori Spider Mansion Demon (The Murder)Manga Canon1999-11-01
167Tottori Spider Mansion Demon (The Suspicion)Manga Canon1999-11-08
168Tottori Spider Mansion Demon (The Resolution)Manga Canon1999-11-15
169Venus' KissFiller1999-11-22
170The Blind Spot in the Darkness (Part 1)Manga Canon1999-11-29
171The Blind Spot in the Darkness (Part 2)Manga Canon1999-12-06
172The Revival of the Dying Message (Part 1)Manga Canon1999-12-13
173The Revival of the Dying Message (Part 2)Manga Canon1999-12-20
174The 20 Year Old Murder Case: The Symphony Serial Murders (2 Hour Special)Manga Canon2000-01-03
175The Man Who Was Killed Four TimesFiller2000-01-10
176Reunion with the Black Organization (Haibara)Manga Canon2000-01-17
177Reunion with the Black Organization (Conan)Manga Canon2000-01-24
178Reunion with the Black Organization (The Resolution)Manga Canon2000-01-31
179The Coffee Shop Truck's Wild Entrance CaseFiller2000-02-07
180The Nocturne of Red Murderous Intent (Part 1)Filler2000-02-14
181The Nocturne of Red Murderous Intent (Part 2)Filler2000-02-21
182The Big Investigation of the Nine DoorsFiller2000-02-28
183A Dangerous RecipeFiller2000-03-06
184A Cursed Mask Coldly Laughs (1 Hour Special)Filler2000-03-13
185The Murdered Famous Detective (Part 1)Filler2000-04-10
186The Murdered Famous Detective (Part 2)Filler2000-04-17
187The Mysterious Gun Rings in the DarkFiller2000-04-24
188The Desperate Revival - The Cavern of the Detective BoysManga Canon2000-05-01
189The Desperate Revival - The Wounded Great DetectiveManga Canon2000-05-08
190The Desperate Revival - The Third ChoiceManga Canon2000-05-15
191The Desperate Revival - The Black KnightManga Canon2000-05-22
192The Desperate Revival - Shinichi's ReturnManga Canon2000-05-29
193The Desperate Revival - The Promised PlaceManga Canon2000-06-05
194The Significant Music Box (Part 1)Manga Canon2000-06-12
195The Significant Music Box (Part 2)Manga Canon2000-06-19
196The Invisible Weapon, Ran's First InvestigationFiller2000-06-26
197The Super Car's Trap (Part 1)Filler2000-07-03
198The Super Car's Trap (Part 2)Filler2000-07-10
199Kogoro Mouri, Suspect (Part 1)Manga Canon2000-07-17
200Kogoro Mouri, Suspect (Part 2)Manga Canon2000-07-24
201The Tenth Passenger (Part 1)Filler2000-07-31
202The Tenth Passenger (Part 2)Filler2000-08-07
203The Black Wing of Icarus (Part 1)Filler2000-08-14
204The Black Wing of Icarus (Part 2)Filler2000-08-21
205Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 3 (Part 1)Manga Canon2000-08-28
206Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 3 (Part 2)Manga Canon2000-09-04
207The Deduction That Was Too GoodFiller2000-09-11
208The Entrance to the Maze: The Anger of Colossussup class=Filler2000-10-09
209The Falling from Mt. Ryushin CaseFiller2000-10-16
210The Water Palace of 5 Colors (Part 1)Filler2000-10-23
211The Water Palace of 5 Colors (Part 2)Filler2000-10-30
212Mushrooms, Bears, and the Detective Boys (Part 1)Manga Canon2000-11-06
213Mushrooms, Bears, and the Detective Boys (Part 2)Manga Canon2000-11-13
214The Mysterious Retro Room CaseFiller2000-11-20
215The Bay of Revenge (Part 1)Filler2000-11-27
216The Bay of Revenge (Part 2)Filler2000-12-04
217Megure's Sealed Secret (Part 1)Manga Canon2000-12-11
218Megure's Sealed Secret (Part 2)Manga Canon2000-12-18
219The Gathering of the Detectives! Shinichi Kudo vs. Kaitou Kid (2 Hour Special)Manga Canon2001-01-08
220The Client Full of Lies (Part 1)Manga Canon2001-01-15
221The Client Full of Lies (Part 2)Manga Canon2001-01-22
222And There Were No Mermaids (The Case)Manga Canon2001-01-29
223And There Were No Mermaids (The Deduction)Manga Canon2001-02-05
224And There Were No Mermaids (The Resolution)Manga Canon2001-02-12
225The Secret of the High SalesFiller2001-02-19
226The Battle Game Trap (Part 1)Manga Canon2001-02-26
227The Battle Game Trap (Part 2)Manga Canon2001-03-05
228The Murderous Pottery Class (Part 1)Manga Canon2001-03-12
229The Murderous Pottery Class (Part 2)Manga Canon2001-03-19
230The Mysterious Passenger (Part 1)Manga Canon2001-04-16
231The Mysterious Passenger (Part 2)Manga Canon2001-04-23
232The Apartment Degradation CaseFiller2001-05-07
233The Evidence That Didn't Disappear (Part 1)Manga Canon2001-05-14
234The Evidence That Didn't Disappear (Part 2)Manga Canon2001-05-21
235The Locked Wine CellarFiller2001-05-28
236The Nanki Beach Mystery Tour (Part 1)Filler2001-06-04
237The Nanki Beach Mystery Tour (Part 2)Filler2001-06-11
238The 3 "K"s of Osaka Case (Part 1)Manga Canon2001-06-18
239The 3 "K"s of Osaka Case (Part 2)Manga Canon2001-06-25
240The Shinkansen Transport Case (Part 1)Manga Canon2001-07-02
241The Shinkansen Transport Case (Part 2)Manga Canon2001-07-09
242Boy Genta's MisfortuneManga Canon2001-07-16
243Kogoro Mori's Imposter (Part 1)Manga Canon2001-07-23
244Kogoro Mori's Imposter (Part 2)Manga Canon2001-07-30
245The Gun Shot in the Sunflower BuildingFiller2001-08-06
246The Mystery in the Net (Part 1)Manga Canon2001-08-13
247The Mystery in the Net (Part 2)Manga Canon2001-08-20
248The Alibi of the Soothing ForestFiller2001-08-27
249The Celebrities' Secret (Part 1)Manga Canon2001-09-03
250The Celebrities' Secret (Part 2)Manga Canon2001-09-10
251The Tragedy at the OK CorralFiller2001-09-17
252The Kidnapper in the PictureFiller2001-10-08
253Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 4 (Part 1)Manga Canon2001-10-15
254Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 4 (Part 2)Manga Canon2001-10-22
255The 14th Round of the Matsue Tamatsukuri Linked Verse Contest (Part 1)Filler2001-10-29
256The 14th Round of the Matsue Tamatsukuri Linked Verse Contest (Part 2)Filler2001-11-05
257The Extremely Strange Punishment from HeavenFiller2001-11-12
258The Man from Chicago (Part 1)Manga Canon2001-11-19
259The Man from Chicago (Part 2)Manga Canon2001-11-26
260The Shaking RestaurantFiller2001-12-03
261The Fearful Legend of the Snowy Night (Part 1)Filler2001-12-10
262The Fearful Legend of the Snowy Night (Part 2)Filler2001-12-17
263The Osaka Double Mystery - Naniwa Swordsman and Toyotomi's Castle (2 Hour Special)Manga Canon2002-01-07
264Courtroom Battle: Kisaki vs. Kogoro (Part 1)Filler2002-01-14
265Courtroom Battle: Kisaki vs. Kogoro (Part 2)Filler2002-01-21
266The Truth Behind Valentine's (The Case)Manga Canon2002-01-28
267The Truth Behind Valentine's (The Deduction)Manga Canon2002-02-04
268The Truth Behind Valentine's (The Resolution)Manga Canon2002-02-11
269The Forgotten Memento from the Crime (Part 1)Manga Canon2002-02-18
270The Forgotten Memento from the Crime (Part 2)Manga Canon2002-03-04
271The Secret Rushed Omission (Part 1)Manga Canon2002-03-11
272The Secret Rushed Omission (Part 2)Manga Canon2002-03-18
273Old Lady's Quiz Disappearance CaseFiller2002-04-08
274Truth About the Haunted House (Part 1)Manga Canon2002-04-15
275Truth About the Haunted House (Part 2)Manga Canon2002-04-22
276Case of the Missing Policeman's BadgeFiller2002-05-06
277English Teacher vs. Great Western Detective (Part 1)Manga Canon2002-05-13
278English Teacher vs. Great Western Detective (Part 2)Manga Canon2002-05-20
279Hooligan's Labyrinth (Part 1)Manga Canon2002-05-27
280Hooligan's Labyrinth (Part 2)Manga Canon2002-06-03
281The Small Eye-WitnessesFiller2002-06-10
282Mystery of the Water Flowing Stone Garden (Part 1)Filler2002-06-17
283Mystery of the Water Flowing Stone Garden (Part 2)Filler2002-06-24
284Chinatown Deja Vu in the Rain (Part 1)Manga Canon2002-07-01
285Chinatown Deja Vu in the Rain (Part 2)Manga Canon2002-07-08
286Shinichi Kudo's New York Case (The Case)Manga Canon2002-07-15
287Shinichi Kudo's New York Case (The Deduction)Manga Canon2002-07-22
288Shinichi Kudo's New York Case (The Resolution)Manga Canon2002-07-29
289Mitsuhiko's Mystifying Forest (Part 1)Manga Canon2002-08-05
290Mitsuhiko's Mystifying Forest (Part 2)Manga Canon2002-08-12
291Solitary Island of the Princess and the Dragon King's Palace (The Case)Manga Canon2002-08-19
292Solitary Island of the Princess and the Dragon King's Palace (The Pursuit)Manga Canon2002-08-26
293Solitary Island of the Princess and the Dragon King's Palace (The Resolution)Manga Canon2002-09-02
294Smash of Love and Determination (Part 1)Filler2002-09-09
295Smash of Love and Determination (Part 2)Filler2002-09-16
296Houseboat Fishing ShockFiller2002-10-14
297Courtroom Confrontation II: Kisaki vs. Kujo (Part 1)Filler2002-10-21
298Courtroom Confrontation II: Kisaki vs. Kujo (Part 2)Filler2002-10-28
299Kanmon Strait of Friendship and Murderous Intent (Part 1)Filler2002-11-04
300Kanmon Strait of Friendship and Murderous Intent (Part 2)Filler2002-11-18
301Parade of Malice and Saint (Part 1)Manga Canon2002-11-25
302Parade of Malice and Saint (Part 2)Manga Canon2002-12-02
303The Victim Who Came BackFiller2002-12-09
304Trembling Metropolitan Police Headquarters: 12 Million Hostages (2 Hour Special)Manga Canon2003-01-06
305Unseen Suspect (Part 1)Manga Canon2003-01-13
306Unseen Suspect (Part 2)Manga Canon2003-01-20
307The Dark Footprint (Part 1)Manga Canon2003-01-27
308The Dark Footprint (Part 2)Manga Canon2003-02-03
309Contact with the Black Organization: The NegotiationManga Canon2003-02-10
310Contact with the Black Organization: The PursuitManga Canon2003-02-17
311Contact with the Black Organization: Desperation Manga Canon2003-02-24
312Festival Dolls Dyed in the Setting Sun (Part 1)Manga Canon2003-03-03
313Festival Dolls Dyed in the Setting Sun (Part 2)Manga Canon2003-03-10
314Broken Fence of the ObservatoryFiller2003-03-17
315Place Exposed to the SunFiller2003-04-14
316The Sullied Masked Hero (Part 1)Manga Canon2003-04-21
317The Sullied Masked Hero (Part 2)Manga Canon2003-04-28
318Cigar Case of Good Fortune (Part 1)Filler2003-05-05
319Cigar Case of Good Fortune (Part 2)Filler2003-05-12
320Ninja Art: The Art of Alibi ConstructionFiller2003-05-19
321The Vanished Kidnapper's Getaway Car (Part 1)Filler2003-05-26
322The Vanished Kidnapper's Getaway Car (Part 2)Filler2003-06-02
323Heiji Hattori's Desperate Situation! (Part 1)Manga Canon2003-06-09
324Heiji Hattori's Desperate Situation! (Part 2)Manga Canon2003-06-16
325The Red Horse within the Flames: The CaseManga Canon2003-06-23
326The Red Horse within the Flames: The InvestigationManga Canon2003-06-30
327The Red Horse within the Flames: The ResolutionManga Canon2003-07-07
328Mystery of the Birthday WineFiller2003-07-14
329A Friendship That Can't Be Bought (Part 1)Manga Canon2003-07-28
330A Friendship That Can't Be Bought (Part 2)Manga Canon2003-08-04
331The Suspicious Spicy Curry (Part 1)Manga Canon2003-08-11
332The Suspicious Spicy Curry (Part 2)Manga Canon2003-08-18
333The Similar Princesses (Part 1)Manga Canon2003-08-25
334The Similar Princesses (Part 2)Manga Canon2003-09-01
335Secret of the Touto Film Making Centre (Part 1)Manga Canon2003-09-08
336Secret of the Touto Film Making Centre (Part 2)Manga Canon2003-09-15
337Hidden Facts of the Accidental FallFiller2003-10-13
338The Four Porsches (Part 1)Manga Canon2003-10-20
339The Four Porsches (Part 2)Manga Canon2003-10-27
340Hidden Bathroom Secret (Part 1)Manga Canon2003-11-03
341Hidden Bathroom Secret (Part 2)Manga Canon2003-11-10
342Bride of Huis Ten BoschsupFiller2003-11-17
343The Convenience Store Trap (Part 1)Manga Canon2003-12-01
344The Convenience Store Trap (Part 2)Manga Canon2003-12-08
345Head-to-Head Match With the Black Organization; Two Mysteries of the Night of the Full Moon (2.5 Hour Special)Manga Canon2004-01-05
346Find the Buttocks' Mark! (Part 1)Manga Canon2004-01-12
347Find the Buttocks' Mark! (Part 2)Manga Canon2004-01-19
348Love, a Ghost, and a World's Inheritance (Part 1)Filler2004-01-26
349Love, a Ghost, and a World's Inheritance (Part 2)Filler2004-02-02
350The Forgotten Cell Phone (Part 1)Manga Canon2004-02-09
351The Forgotten Cell Phone (Part 2)Manga Canon2004-02-16
352The Tragedy of The Fishing Tournament (Part 1)Filler2004-02-23
353The Tragedy of The Fishing Tournament (Part 2)Filler2004-02-23
354A Small Client (Part 1)Manga Canon2004-03-08
355A Small Client (Part 2)Manga Canon2004-03-15
356Phantom Thief Kid's Miracle Midair Walk (1 Hour Special)Manga Canon2004-04-12
357Sweetheart Is an Illusion of SpringFiller2004-04-26
358Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 5 (Part 1)Manga Canon2004-05-03
359Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 5 (Part 2)Manga Canon2004-05-10
360A Mysterious Spring BeetleFiller2004-05-17
361Teitan High School's Ghost Story (Part 1)Manga Canon2004-05-24
362Teitan High School's Ghost Story (Part 2)Manga Canon2004-05-31
363The City's CrowsFiller2004-06-07
364Synchronicity Case (Part 1)Filler2004-06-14
365Synchronicity Case (Part 2)Filler2004-06-21
366The Tragedy of the Pier in Plain Sight (Part 1)Manga Canon2004-07-05
367The Tragedy of the Pier in Plain Sight (Part 2)Manga Canon2004-07-12
368The Candy House the Witch Lives InFiller2004-07-26
369Lucky Man's SuspenseFiller2004-08-02
370Running Away in a GameFiller2004-08-09
371A Course Without Protest (Part 1)Manga Canon2004-08-23
372A Course Without Protest (Part 2)Manga Canon2004-08-30
373Poisonous Spider TrapFiller2004-09-06
374A Code of Stars and Tobacco (Part 1)Manga Canon2004-10-18
375A Code of Stars and Tobacco (Part 2)Manga Canon2004-10-25
376Time Limit at 3 o'clockFiller2004-11-01
377Momotaro Mystery Solving Tour (Part 1)Filler2004-11-08
378Momotaro Mystery Solving Tour (Part 2)Filler2004-11-15
379Case of the Long Sleeved Kimono at the Hidden Hot Spring on a Snowy Night (Part 1)Filler2004-11-22
380Case of the Long Sleeved Kimono at the Hidden Hot Spring on a Snowy Night (Part 2)Filler2004-11-29
381Which One's Deduction Show (Part 1)Manga Canon2004-12-06
382Which One's Deduction Show (Part 2)Manga Canon2004-12-13
383Miracle at Koshien Ball Park! The Defiants Face the Dark Demon (2 Hour Special)Manga Canon2004-12-20
384The Target Is Kogoro Mori!Filler2005-01-17
385Dissonance of the Stradivarius (Prelude)Manga Canon2005-01-24
386Dissonance of the Stradivarius (Interlude)Manga Canon2005-01-31
387Dissonance of the Stradivarius (Postlude)Manga Canon2005-02-07
388Kogoro Gets Drunk in Satsuma (Part 1)Filler2005-02-14
389Kogoro Gets Drunk in Satsuma (Part 2)Filler2005-02-21
390Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 6 (Part 1)Manga Canon2005-02-28
391Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 6 (Part 2)Manga Canon2005-03-07
392The Mysterious Height Difference of 20cmFiller2005-03-14
393A Kidnapping Case... So It SeemsFiller2005-03-21
394Big Adventure in the Eccentric Mansion: The SealManga Canon2005-04-18
395Big Adventure in the Eccentric Mansion: The MechanismManga Canon2005-04-25
396Big Adventure in the Eccentric Mansion: The ResolutionManga Canon2005-05-02
397Spicy, Bitter, Sweet SoupFiller2005-05-09
398The Strange Family's Request (Part 1)Manga Canon2005-05-16
399The Strange Family's Request (Part 2)Manga Canon2005-05-23
400Ran's SuspicionsManga Canon2005-05-30
401A Jewel Thief Caught Red-Handed (Part 1)Manga Canon2005-06-06
402A Jewel Thief Caught Red-Handed (Part 2)Manga Canon2005-06-13
403The Mysterious Angel's Mansion (Part 1)Filler2005-06-20
404The Mysterious Angel's Mansion (Part 2)Filler2005-06-27
405Man Who Went to Call For An AmbulanceFiller2005-07-04
406Conan and Heiji's Reasoning Magic: The TrickManga Canon2005-07-11
407Conan and Heiji's Reasoning Magic: The MansionManga Canon2005-07-18
408Conan and Heiji's Reasoning Magic: The ResolutionManga Canon2005-08-01
409The Simultaneous Stage Advance and Kidnapping (Part 1)Filler2005-08-08
410The Simultaneous Stage Advance and Kidnapping (Part 2)Filler2005-08-15
411The Shinto Shrine Torii's Surprising Code (Part 1)Manga Canon2005-08-22
412The Shinto Shrine Torii's Surprising Code (Part 2)Manga Canon2005-08-29
413The Mystery of the Half-Completed CrimeFiller2005-09-05
414The Detective Boys Blue Bird ChaseFiller2005-09-12
415The Evil Spirit Appears on An Unlucky Day: The CaseManga Canon2005-10-10
416The Evil Spirit Appears on An Unlucky Day: The SuspicionManga Canon2005-10-17
417The Evil Spirit Appears on An Unlucky Day: The SolutionManga Canon2005-10-24
418Home of Beika's GrenierFiller2005-10-31
419Sword of the Eight-Headed Serpent (Part 1)Filler2005-11-07
420Sword of the Eight-Headed Serpent (Part 2)Filler2005-11-14
421Gingko-Colored First Love (Part 1)Manga Canon2005-11-21
422Gingko-Colored First Love (Part 2)Manga Canon2005-11-28
423Detective Boys and the Four Aomushi BrothersFiller2005-12-05
424The Photograph Mail From a ClownFiller2005-12-19
425Black Impact! The Moment the Black Organization Reaches Out! (2.5 Hour Special)Manga Canon2006-01-09
426Love Letter to RanFiller2006-01-16
427The Super Secret Road to School (Part 1)Manga Canon2006-01-23
428The Super Secret Road to School (Part 2)Manga Canon2006-01-30
429Two People Who Can't Return (Part 1)Manga Canon2006-02-06
430Two People Who Can't Return (Part 2)Manga Canon2006-02-13
431Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 7 (Part 1)Manga Canon2006-02-20
432Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 7 (Part 2)Manga Canon2006-02-27
433Conan-A Strange ChildFiller2006-03-06
434The Great Dog Coeur's TriumphFiller2006-04-10
435Information Gathered About the Detective Boys (Part 1)Manga Canon2006-04-17
436Information Gathered About the Detective Boys (Part 2)Manga Canon2006-04-24
437Ueto Aya and Shinichi - The Promise from 4 Years AgoFiller2006-05-08
438The Pursuit of the Fish E-mailManga Canon2006-05-15
439And It'd Be Nice If Everybody DisappearedFiller2006-05-22
440The Stunt Car's Utmost LimitFiller2006-05-29
441The Final "Ahh"Filler2006-06-05
442The Man Obstructing the Steel FrameFiller2006-06-12
443Clam Digging With a Sigh (Part 1)Manga Canon2006-06-26
444Clam Digging With a Sigh (Part 2)Manga Canon2006-07-03
445Secret of the Russian BlueManga Canon2006-07-10
446The Sealed Western-Style Window (Part 1)Manga Canon2006-07-24
447The Sealed Western-Style Window (Part 2)Manga Canon2006-07-31
448Meguro's Pike CaseFiller2006-08-14
449Metropolitan Police Love Story - Fake Weddings (1 Hour Special)Manga Canon2006-08-21
450Trick vs. Magic (Part 1)Filler2006-08-28
451Trick vs. Magic (Part 2)Filler2006-09-04
452The Mysterious Person From the Konpira TroupesupFiller2006-09-11
453Preview Screening of Fate and FriendshipManga Canon2006-10-23
454The Overturned Conclusion (Part 1)Manga Canon2006-10-30
455The Overturned Conclusion (Part 2)Manga Canon2006-11-06
456The Mystery I LovedFiller2006-11-13
457Sonoko's Red Handkerchief (Part 1)Manga Canon2006-11-20
458Sonoko's Red Handkerchief (Part 2)Manga Canon2006-11-27
459A Mysterious Man - Overly Strict with RegulationsFiller2006-12-04
460Class 1-B's Great Operation!Manga Canon2007-01-15
461The Missing PageFiller2007-01-22
462The Shadow of the Black Organization (The Young Witness)Manga Canon2007-01-29
463The Shadow of the Black Organization (The Strange Illumination)Manga Canon2007-02-05
464The Shadow of the Black Organization (The Mystery of the Big Reward)Manga Canon2007-02-12
465The Shadow of the Black Organization (Shining Star of Pearl)Manga Canon2007-02-19
466The Unsmashable Snowman (Part 1)Manga Canon2007-02-26
467The Unsmashable Snowman (Part 2)Manga Canon2007-03-05
468The Mysterious Case Near the PondFiller2007-03-12
469Kaitou Kid and the Four Masterpieces (Part 1)Manga Canon2007-04-16
470Kaitou Kid and the Four Masterpieces (Part 2)Manga Canon2007-04-23
471The Out of Control Rental CarFiller2007-05-07
472Shinichi Kudō's Childhood Adventure (Part 1)Manga Canon2007-05-14
473Shinichi Kudō's Childhood Adventure (Part 2)Manga Canon2007-05-21
474Love of Lawyer Eri KisakiManga Canon2007-06-04
475Bad Luck Grand PrixFiller2007-06-18
476Genta's Certain Kill Shot (Part 1)Manga Canon2007-06-25
477Genta's Certain Kill Shot (Part 2)Manga Canon2007-07-02
478Real 30 MinutesFiller2007-07-09
479Three Days With Heiji Hattori (2 Hour Special)Manga Canon2007-07-16
480Yellow AlibiFiller2007-07-23
481Mountain Witch's Cutlery (Part 1)Manga Canon2007-07-30
482Mountain Witch's Cutlery (Part 2)Manga Canon2007-08-06
483The Missing PolicemanFiller2007-08-13
484Whereabouts of the Dark Photograph (Part 1)Manga Canon2007-08-20
485Whereabouts of the Dark Photograph (Part 2)Manga Canon2007-08-27
486Maneki Neko from the Right to the LeftFiller2007-09-03
487Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 8: Left Hand's Ring Finger (1 Hour Special)Manga Canon2007-10-15
488Devil of the TV Station (1 Hour Special)Manga Canon2007-10-22
489Courtroom Confrontation III Prosecutor as EyewitnesssupFiller2007-11-26
490Heiji Hattori vs. Shinichi Kudo! The Grand Deduction Battle! (1 Hour Special)Manga Canon2007-12-03
491Clash of Red and Black! (The Beginning)Manga Canon2008-01-14
492Clash of Red and Black! (Blood Relative)Manga Canon2008-01-21
493Clash of Red and Black! (Exclamation)Manga Canon2008-01-28
494Clash of Red and Black! (Hades)Manga Canon2008-02-04
495Clash of Red and Black! (Coma)Manga Canon2008-02-11
496Clash of Red and Black! (Invasion)Manga Canon2008-02-18
497Clash of Red and Black! (Awakening)Manga Canon2008-02-25
498Clash of Red and Black! (Disturbance)Manga Canon2008-03-03
499Clash of Red and Black! (Camouflage)Manga Canon2008-03-10
500Clash of Red and Black! (Testament)Manga Canon2008-03-17
501Clash of Red and Black! (Suspicion)Manga Canon2008-04-14
502Clash of Red and Black! (Innocence)Manga Canon2008-04-28
503Clash of Red and Black! (Ready for Death)Manga Canon2008-05-12
504Clash of Red and Black! (Death on Duty)Manga Canon2008-05-19
505Lawyer Eri Kisaki's Testimony (Part 1)Manga Canon2008-06-16
506Lawyer Eri Kisaki's Testimony (Part 2)Manga Canon2008-06-23
507The Blind Spot in the Karaoke Box (Part 1)Manga Canon2008-06-30
508The Blind Spot in the Karaoke Box (Part 2)Manga Canon2008-07-07
509Red, White, Yellow, and the Detective BoysManga Canon2008-07-14
510Conan vs. Double Code MysteryManga Canon2008-07-28
511Deduction Showdown! Shinichi vs. Subaru OkiyaManga Canon2008-08-04
512The Broken HoroscopeFiller2008-08-11
513Coffee Aroma with Murderous Intention (Part 1)Manga Canon2008-09-01
514Coffee Aroma with Murderous Intention (Part 2)Manga Canon2008-09-08
515Phantom Thief Kid's Teleportation Magic (1 Hour Special)Manga Canon2008-10-20
516Fūrinkazan - The Mysterious Armoured Warrior (1 Hour Special)Manga Canon2008-11-03
517Fūrinkazan - Shadow and Lightning's ConclusionManga Canon2008-11-10
518Meiji Restoration Mystery Tour: Investigation ChapterFiller2008-12-01
519Meiji Restoration Mystery Tour: Decipher ChapterFiller2008-12-08
520Indictment by Red WineFiller2008-12-15
521Murderer, Shinichi Kudo (1 Hour Special)Manga Canon2009-01-19
522Shinichi's True Face and Ran's Tears (1 Hour Special)Manga Canon2009-01-26
523What She Really Wants to AskManga Canon2009-02-02
524The Blue Spark of Hate (Part 1)Manga Canon2009-02-09
525The Blue Spark of Hate (Part 2)Manga Canon2009-02-16
526A Present from the True CulpritManga Canon2009-02-23
527Evil Intent Hidden Behind a MaskFiller2009-03-02
528Might Over Mystery (Part 1)Manga Canon2009-03-09
529Might Over Mystery (Part 2)Manga Canon2009-03-16
530The Truth of the Urban Legend (Part 1)Manga Canon2009-04-18
531The Truth of the Urban Legend (Part 2)Manga Canon2009-04-25
532The Scar of First LoveManga Canon2009-05-02
533The Scar that Invokes the PastManga Canon2009-05-09
534The New Scar and the Whistling ManManga Canon2009-05-16
535The Old Scar and the Detective's SpiritManga Canon2009-05-23
536The Secret of the Vanished MasterpieceFiller2009-05-30
537Kaitō Kid vs the Strongest Vault (Part 1)Manga Canon2009-06-13
538Kaitō Kid vs the Strongest Vault (Part 2)Manga Canon2009-06-20
539The Inheritance to a Foolish PersonFiller2009-07-04
540The Day Kogoro Mori Discontinues His Detective Business (Part 1)Filler2009-07-11
541The Day Kogoro Mori Discontinues His Detective Business (Part 2)Filler2009-07-18
542The Disappearing Fish at Ikkaku Rock (Part 1)Manga Canon2009-07-25
543The Disappearing Fish at Ikkaku Rock (Part 2)Manga Canon2009-08-01
544The Hand That Plays in DissonanceFiller2009-08-08
545The Witch Enshrouded by Fog (Part 1)Manga Canon2009-09-05
546The Witch Enshrouded by Fog (Part 2)Manga Canon2009-09-12
547Two Days with the Culprit (First Day)Filler2009-09-19
548Two Days with the Culprit (Second Day)Filler2009-09-26
549The Revolving Sushi Mystery (Part 1)Manga Canon2009-10-03
550The Revolving Sushi Mystery (Part 2)Manga Canon2009-10-10
551The Culprit is Genta's Dad (Part 1)Manga Canon2009-10-17
552The Culprit is Genta's Dad (Part 2)Manga Canon2009-10-24
553The Interrogation RoomFiller2009-10-31
554Stork Mystery Tour (Ran's Search Part)Filler2009-11-07
555Stork Mystery Tour (Haruna's Tracking Part)Filler2009-11-14
556The Fearful IntersectionFiller2009-11-21
557A Dangerous Party of TwoManga Canon2009-11-28
558The Mansion of Death and the Red Wall (Grateful Invitation)Manga Canon2009-12-05
559The Mansion of Death and the Red Wall (Item in Hand)Manga Canon2009-12-12
560The Mansion of Death and the Red Wall (The Late Koumei)Manga Canon2009-12-19
561The Mansion of Death and the Red Wall (Empty Fort Strategy)Manga Canon2009-12-26
562The Kidnapping of Rainbow ColorsFiller2010-01-16
563Detective Boys vs. Robber Group (Turmoil)Manga Canon2010-01-23
564Detective Boys vs. Robber Group (Silence)Manga Canon2010-01-30
565The Witness that Cannot be SeenFiller2010-02-06
566The Partner is Santa-sanFiller2010-02-27
567The Intention to Murder Befalling in an Open-air BathFiller2010-03-06
568Inspector Shiratori, Memories of the Sakura (Part 1)Manga Canon2010-03-13
569Inspector Shiratori, Memories of the Sakura (Part 2)Manga Canon2010-03-20
570The Crime that has Zero Possibility to Be ProvenFiller2010-03-27
571Battle of the Haunted Warehouse's Treasure (Part 1)Manga Canon2010-05-01
572Battle of the Haunted Warehouse's Treasure (Part 2)Manga Canon2010-05-08
573The Whereabouts of the Embarrasing Charm (Part 1)Manga Canon2010-05-15
574The Whereabouts of the Embarrasing Charm (Part 2)Manga Canon2010-05-22
575The Alibi of the Black Dress (Part 1)Manga Canon2010-05-29
576The Alibi of the Black Dress (Part 2)Manga Canon2010-06-05
577The Fireflies that Light up the TruthFiller2010-06-19
578The Calling of the Red Omen CrisisManga Canon2010-06-26
579The Thirteen Black SuggestionsManga Canon2010-07-03
580The Black Time Limit Drawing NearManga Canon2010-07-10
581The Target of Shaking RedManga Canon2010-07-17
582The Night the Zombie DiedFiller2010-07-24
583Kobayashi-sensei's LoveManga Canon2010-08-14
584Inspector Shiratori's Lost LoveManga Canon2010-08-21
585Timeless Sakura's LoveManga Canon2010-08-28
586The Kirin's Horn That Vanished into the DarkManga Canon2010-09-04
587Kid vs. the Four Divine Detective BoysManga Canon2010-09-11
588The Trap of the Rooftop FarmFiller2010-09-18
589The Worst Birthday (Part 1)Manga Canon2010-09-25
590The Worst Birthday (Part 2)Manga Canon2010-10-02
591The House With an AquariumFiller2010-10-16
592The Detective Memoir of Monkey and Rake (Part 1)Manga Canon2010-10-23
593The Detective Memoir of Monkey and Rake (Part 2)Manga Canon2010-10-30
594The Seven Wonders Tour in Hiroshima and Miyajima (Miyajima Part)Filler2010-11-06
595The Seven Wonders Tour in Hiroshima and Miyajima (Hiroshima Part)Filler2010-11-13
596The Alibi that FellFiller2010-11-20
597The Scenario of the Steaming Locked Room (Part 1)Manga Canon2010-11-27
598The Scenario of the Steaming Locked Room (Part 2)Manga Canon2010-12-04
599Friend of JusticeFiller2010-12-11
600The Dream the Kappa Saw (Part 1)Manga Canon2010-12-18
601The Dream the Kappa Saw (Part 2)Manga Canon2010-12-25
602The Devil Hiding at the Tennis CourtFiller2011-01-08
603The Seance's Double Locked Room Mystery (First Locked Room)Filler2011-01-29
604The Seance's Double Locked Room Mystery (Second Locked Room)Filler2011-02-05
605The Seance's Double Locked Room Mystery (Opening of the Locked Room)Filler2011-02-12
606Courtroom Confrontation IV: Juror Sumiko Kobayashi (Part 1)Filler2011-02-19
607Courtroom Confrontation IV: Juror Sumiko Kobayashi (Part 2)Filler2011-02-26
608White Day of Betrayal (Part 1)Manga Canon2011-03-05
609White Day of Betrayal (Part 2)Manga Canon2011-03-19
610The Victim is Shinichi KudoManga Canon2011-04-09
611Inubushi Castle, The Flame of the Demon Dog (Chapter of Ghost Fire)Manga Canon2011-04-16
612Inubushi Castle, The Flame of the Demon Dog (Chapter of Footprints)Manga Canon2011-04-23
613Inubushi Castle, The Flame of the Demon Dog (Chapter of Princess)Manga Canon2011-04-30
614The Secret the Diary Plays (Part 1)Manga Canon2011-05-07
615The Secret the Diary Plays (Part 2)Manga Canon2011-05-14
616Holmes' Revelation (Holmes' Apprentice)Manga Canon2011-05-21
617Holmes' Revelation (Love is 0)Manga Canon2011-05-28
618Holmes' Revelation (Satan)Manga Canon2011-06-04
619Holmes' Revelation (Code Break)Manga Canon2011-06-11
620Holmes' Revelation (Grass Court Queen)Manga Canon2011-06-18
621Holmes' Revelation (0 is Start)Manga Canon2011-06-25
622Emergency Situation 252 (Part 1)Manga Canon2011-07-02
623Emergency Situation 252 (Part 2)Manga Canon2011-07-09
624The Video Letter of First LoveManga Canon2011-07-16
625The Screaming Operation Room (Part 1)Manga Canon2011-07-23
626The Screaming Operation Room (Part 2)Manga Canon2011-07-30
627The Ryoma Treasure Battle Between Conan and Kid (Part 1)Manga Canon2011-08-20
628The Ryoma Treasure Battle Between Conan and Kid (Part 2)Manga Canon2011-08-27
629The Shooting of the Promotional Video Case (Part 1)Filler2011-09-03
630The Shooting of the Promotional Video Case (Part 2)Filler2011-09-10
631What the Floral Clock KnewFiller2011-09-17
632The Guardian of Time's Sword (Part 1)Manga Canon2011-10-01
633The Guardian of Time's Sword (Part 2)Manga Canon2011-10-08
634The Crime Scene is a Very Narrow ShopFiller2011-10-15
635Beware of DietingFiller2011-11-05
636The Most Useful School in the World Case (Part 1)Filler2011-11-12
637The Most Useful School in the World Case (Part 2)Filler2011-11-19
638Solving Mysteries at the Red Leaf Palace (Part 1)Filler2011-11-26
639Solving Mysteries at the Red Leaf Palace (Part 2)Filler2011-12-03
640The Memory Trip of the Eight Sketches (Okayama Part)Filler2011-12-10
641The Memory Trip of the Eight Sketches (Kurashiki Part)Filler2011-12-17
642Grabbing Karuta Cards in Dire Straits (Part 1)Manga Canon2012-01-07
643Grabbing Karuta Cards in Dire Straits (Part 2)Manga Canon2012-01-14
644Ramen So Good, It's to Die For (Part 1)Manga Canon2012-02-04
645Ramen So Good, It's to Die For (Part 2)Manga Canon2012-02-11
646The Deduction Showdown at the Haunted Hotel (Part 1)Manga Canon2012-02-18
647The Deduction Showdown at the Haunted Hotel (Part 2)Manga Canon2012-02-25
648The Case of the Besieged Detective Agency (Outbreak)Manga Canon2012-03-03
649The Case of the Besieged Detective Agency (Sniping)Manga Canon2012-03-10
650The Case of the Besieged Detective Agency (Release)Manga Canon2012-03-17
651Conan vs. Heiji, Deduction Battle Between the Detectives of the East and West (1 Hour Special)Manga Canon2012-03-24
652The Design of Poison and Illusion (Eye)Manga Canon2012-04-21
653The Design of Poison and Illusion (S)Manga Canon2012-04-28
654The Design of Poison and Illusion (Poison)Manga Canon2012-05-05
655The Design of Poison and Illusion (Illusion)Manga Canon2012-05-12
656Professor's Video Site (Part 1)Manga Canon2012-05-19
657Professor's Video Site (Part 2)Manga Canon2012-05-26
658The Hot Chocolate TrapFiller2012-06-02
659Co-Investigating with a First Love (Part 1)Manga Canon2012-06-09
660Co-Investigating with a First Love (Part 2)Manga Canon2012-06-16
661Kogoro-san is a Good Man (Part 1)Manga Canon2012-06-23
662Kogoro-san is a Good Man (Part 2)Manga Canon2012-06-30
663The Mountain Beetle ChaseFiller2012-07-07
664The Great Dog Coeur's Triumph 2Filler2012-07-14
665Suspicion of Initial KFiller2012-07-21
666The Intimidator In a Rainy NightFiller2012-07-28
667Wedding Eve (Part 1)Manga Canon2012-09-01
668Wedding Eve (Part 2)Manga Canon2012-09-08
669Treasure in the Tower of Darkness (Part 1)Filler2012-09-15
670Treasure in the Tower of Darkness (Part 2)Filler2012-09-22
671Detectives' Nocturne (The Case)Manga Canon2012-10-06
672Detectives' Nocturne (Kidnapping)Manga Canon2012-10-13
673Detectives' Nocturne (Deduction)Manga Canon2012-10-20
674Detectives' Nocturne (Bourbon)Manga Canon2012-10-27
675Won't Forgive Even One Millimetre (Part 1)Manga Canon2012-11-10
676Won't Forgive Even One Millimetre (Part 2)Manga Canon2012-11-17
677The Sandy Beach with No FootprintsFiller2012-11-24
678Nagasaki Mystery Theater (Bakumatsu Part)Filler2012-12-01
679Nagasaki Mystery Theater (Present-Day Part)Filler2012-12-08
680Cactus RhapsodyFiller2012-12-15
681The Life-Threatening Broadcast of Love (Begin Broadcasting)Manga Canon2013-01-05
682The Life-Threatening Broadcast of Love (Crisis State)Manga Canon2013-01-12
683The Life-Threatening Broadcast of Love (The Inrush into the Scene)Manga Canon2013-01-19
684Froth, Steam, and Smoke (Part 1)Manga Canon2013-01-26
685Froth, Steam, and Smoke (Part 2)Manga Canon2013-02-02
686The Car Carrying A Time BombFiller2013-02-09
687The Unsolvable Ice TrapFiller2013-02-16
688Detective Takagi Picked Up 30 Million YenFiller2013-02-23
689Messages From the ClientFiller2013-03-02
690Yusaku Kudo's Unsolved Case (Part 1)Manga Canon2013-03-09
691Yusaku Kudo's Unsolved Case (Part 2)Manga Canon2013-03-16
692The Night Cherry Blossom Route on Sumida River (Part 1)Filler2013-03-23
693The Night Cherry Blossom Route on Sumida River (Part 2)Filler2013-03-30
694The Missing Japanese Sweet in the Old ShopFiller2013-04-20
695The Roses in the VineyardFiller2013-04-27
696The Stormy Flowerbed ConspiracyFiller2013-05-04
697The Window of the Girls AcademyFiller2013-05-11
698No Way! The UFO Crash CaseFiller2013-05-18
699The Shadow Approaching Haibara's Secret (Part 1)Manga Canon2013-06-08
700The Shadow Approaching Haibara's Secret (Part 2)Manga Canon2013-06-15
701The Jet-Black Mystery Train (Departure)Manga Canon2013-07-13
702The Jet-Black Mystery Train (Tunnel)Manga Canon2013-07-20
703The Jet-Black Mystery Train (Junction)Manga Canon2013-07-27
704The Jet-Black Mystery Train (Final Destination)Manga Canon2013-08-03
705Conan in a Locked RoomManga Canon2013-08-10
706Bourbon Figures It OutManga Canon2013-08-17
707The Framed Great DetectiveFiller2013-08-31
708The Man That Fell SlowlyFiller2013-09-07
709The Case of the Unconfirmed CrashFiller2013-09-14
710Everyone Saw (Part 1)Manga Canon2013-09-21
711Everyone Saw (Part 2)Manga Canon2013-09-28
712Heiji Hattori and the Vampire Mansion (Part 1)Manga Canon2013-10-05
713Heiji Hattori and the Vampire Mansion (Part 2)Manga Canon2013-10-12
714Heiji Hattori and the Vampire Mansion (Part 3)Manga Canon2013-10-19
715Heiji Hattori and the Vampire Mansion (Part 4)Manga Canon2013-10-26
716Dancing Demon in the Noh Mask Mansion (Part 1)Filler2013-11-02
717Dancing Demon in the Noh Mask Mansion (Part 2)Filler2013-11-09
718The Devil's CircuitFiller2013-11-16
719The Platinum Ticket CommotionFiller2013-11-23
720Fire and Water Mystery Tour (Aso Part)Filler2013-11-30
721Fire and Water Mystery Tour (Kumamoto Part)Filler2013-12-07
722Sweet and Cold Delivery Service (Part 1)Manga Canon2013-12-14
723Sweet and Cold Delivery Service (Part 2)Manga Canon2013-12-21
724Kaitou Kid and the Blush Mermaid (Part 1)Manga Canon2014-01-04
725Kaitou Kid and the Blush Mermaid (Part 2)Manga Canon2014-01-11
726The Happy Message That Brings MisfortuneFiller2014-01-18
727The Treasure Chest Filled With Fruits (Part 1)Manga Canon2014-01-25
728The Treasure Chest Filled With Fruits (Part 2)Manga Canon2014-02-01
729The Diamond, the Painting, and the Great ActressFiller2014-02-08
730The Figure That Was Too GoodFiller2014-02-15
731The Ex-Boyfriend Living Next to a Crime Scene (Part 1)Manga Canon2014-03-01
732The Ex-Boyfriend Living Next to a Crime Scene (Part 2)Manga Canon2014-03-08
733The Banquet and the Two GunshotsFiller2014-03-22
734Jodie's Memories and the Cherry Blossom Viewing Trap (1 Hour Special)Manga Canon2014-03-29
735The Coded InvitationFiller2014-04-19
736The Secret of the Statue of Kogoro MouriFiller2014-04-26
737The Suspicious Walking PathFiller2014-05-03
738Kogoro In The Bar (Part 1)Manga Canon2014-05-10
739Kogoro In The Bar (Part 2)Manga Canon2014-05-17
740Bathroom Where Ran Collapsed As Well (Part 1)Manga Canon2014-05-31
741Bathroom Where Ran Collapsed As Well (Part 2)Manga Canon2014-06-07
742The Promise with the J-LeagueFiller2014-06-14
743Coincidentally Overlapped TwiceFiller2014-06-21
744The Suspect is Makoto Kyogoku (Part 1)Manga Canon2014-06-28
745The Suspect is Makoto Kyogoku (Part 2)Manga Canon2014-07-05
746Kaito Kid VS Makoto Kyogoku (Part 1)Manga Canon2014-07-19
747Kaito Kid VS Makoto Kyogoku (Part 2)Manga Canon2014-07-26
748Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story (Confession)Manga Canon2014-08-02
749Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story (Truth)Manga Canon2014-08-09
750The Man Betrayed by the SeaFiller2014-09-06
751The Case of the Lucky Calico (Part 1)Manga Canon2014-09-20
752The Case of the Lucky Calico (Part 2)Manga Canon2014-09-27
753The Blind Spot in the Share HouseFiller2014-10-04
754The Tragedy of the Red Woman (Steam)Manga Canon2014-10-11
755The Tragedy of the Red Woman (Evil Spirit)Manga Canon2014-10-18
756The Tragedy of the Red Woman (Revenge)Manga Canon2014-10-25
757The Comedian Who Turned Himself In (Part 1)Filler2014-11-01
758The Comedian Who Turned Himself In (Part 2)Filler2014-11-08
759The Romance Novel with the Unexpected Conclusion (Part 1)Manga Canon2014-11-22
760The Romance Novel with the Unexpected Conclusion (Part 2)Manga Canon2014-11-29
761Kaga Hyakumangoku Mystery Tour (Kanazawa Arc)Filler2014-12-06
762Kaga Hyakumangoku Mystery Tour (Kaga Hot Springs Part)Filler2014-12-13
763Conan and Heiji, Code of Love (Part 1)Manga Canon2015-01-10
764Conan and Heiji, Code of Love (Part 2)Manga Canon2015-01-17
765Teimuzu River Kite Flying Case (Part 1)Manga Canon2015-01-24
766Teimuzu River Kite Flying Case (Part 2)Manga Canon2015-01-31
767The Lover Gone Missing in a SnowstormFiller2015-02-07
768Haibara Ai Imprisonment CaseFiller2015-02-21
769The Troublesome Emergency PatientFiller2015-02-28
770The Tense Tea Party (Part 1)Manga Canon2015-03-07
771The Tense Tea Party (Part 2)Manga Canon2015-03-14
772Shinichi Kudo's Aquarium Case (Part 1)Manga Canon2015-03-21
773Shinichi Kudo's Aquarium Case (Part 2)Manga Canon2015-03-28
774Munch's Missing ScreamFiller2015-04-18
775The Manipulated Great Detective (Part 1)Filler2015-04-25
776The Manipulated Great Detective (Part 2)Filler2015-05-02
777The Detective Boys VS the Silver DetectivesFiller2015-05-09
778Mirage of the Disappearing AngelFiller2015-05-16
779The Scarlet PrologueManga Canon2015-05-30
780The Scarlet PursuitManga Canon2015-06-06
781The Scarlet IntersectionManga Canon2015-06-13
782The Scarlet ReturnManga Canon2015-06-20
783The Scarlet TruthManga Canon2015-06-27
784Welcome to Club OrihimeFiller2015-07-11
785Taiko Meijin's Match of Love (Part 1)Manga Canon2015-07-18
786Taiko Meijin's Match of Love (Part 2)Manga Canon2015-07-25
787The Mystery Sinking in the Midsummer Pool (Part 1)Manga Canon2015-08-01
788The Mystery Sinking in the Midsummer Pool (Part 2)Manga Canon2015-08-08
789The Queen's Weather ForecastFiller2015-08-15
790Bekapon's Bleeding ServiceFiller2015-09-05
791Detective Takagi On the Run in HandcuffsFiller2015-09-12
792Three First Discoverers (Part 1)Manga Canon2015-09-19
793Three First Discoverers (Part 2)Manga Canon2015-09-26
794Bodyguard Mori Kogoro!Filler2015-10-03
795The Secret of the Missing Young LadyFiller2015-10-10
796The Lovebirds' RuseFiller2015-10-17
797The Dreaming Girl's Confused DeductionFiller2015-10-24
798The Moving TargetFiller2015-11-07
799The Detective Boys' Locked Room Mystery BattleFiller2015-11-14
800After That Hundred Million YenFiller2015-11-21
801The Tottori Sand Dunes Mystery Tour (Kurayoshi Arc)Filler2015-11-28
802The Tottori Sand Dunes Mystery Tour (Tottori Arc)Filler2015-12-05
803The Pitfall of Fire PrecautionsFiller2015-12-12
804Conan and Ebizo's Kabuki Jūhachiban Mystery (Part 1)Filler2016-01-09
805Conan and Ebizo's Kabuki Jūhachiban Mystery (Part 2)Filler2016-01-16
806The Ventriloquist's Illusion (Part One)Filler2016-01-30
807The Ventriloquist's Illusion (Part Two)Filler2016-02-06
808The Kamaitachi Inn (Part 1)Manga Canon2016-02-13
809The Kamaitachi Inn (Part 2)Manga Canon2016-02-20
810The Darkness of the Prefectural Police (Part 1)Manga Canon2016-02-27
811The Darkness of the Prefectural Police (Part 2)Manga Canon2016-03-05
812The Darkness of the Prefectural Police (Part 3)Manga Canon2016-03-12
813The Shadow Approaching AmuroFiller2016-04-16
814The Actress Blogger's Locked Room Case (Part 1)Manga Canon2016-04-23
815The Actress Blogger's Locked Room Case (Part 2)Manga Canon2016-04-30
816The Disappointing and Kind AlienFiller2016-05-07
817The Missing FiancéeFiller2016-05-14
818Kogoro's Pursuit of Rage (Part 1)Filler2016-05-21
819Kogoro's Pursuit of Rage (Part 2)Filler2016-05-28
820The Seven People in the Waiting Room Filler2016-06-04
821The Hidden Secret of Dongaraji TempleFiller2016-06-11
822The Suspects Are a Passionate Couple (Part 1)Manga Canon2016-06-18
823The Suspects Are a Passionate Couple (Part 2)Manga Canon2016-06-25
824The Detective Boys Get Out of the RainFiller2016-07-09
825The Tidal Park Comeback CaseFiller2016-07-16
826The Beauty, The Lie, and The SecretFiller2016-07-23
827Ramen So Good, It's to Die For 2 (Part 1)Manga Canon2016-07-30
828Ramen So Good, It's to Die For 2 (Part 2)Manga Canon2016-08-06
829The Mysterious BoyFiller2016-08-13
830A Cottage Surrounded By Zombies (Part 1)Manga Canon2016-09-03
831A Cottage Surrounded By Zombies (Part 2)Manga Canon2016-09-10
832A Cottage Surrounded By Zombies (Part 3)Manga Canon2016-09-17
833The Great Detective's WeaknessFiller2016-09-24
834The Man Who Died Twice (Part 1)Filler2016-10-01
835The Man Who Died Twice (Part 2)Filler2016-10-08
836The Unfriendly Girls Band (Part 1)Manga Canon2016-10-15
837The Unfriendly Girls Band (Part 2)Manga Canon2016-10-22
838Mystery in a Hot Air BalloonFiller2016-11-05
839You Can Hear the Tengu's VoiceFiller2016-11-12
840The Last GiftFiller2016-11-19
841The Rainy Bus StopFiller2016-11-26
842Turning Point on a Driving DateFiller2016-12-10
843The Detective Boys in a Grove (Part 1)Manga Canon2016-12-17
844The Detective Boys in a Grove (Part 2)Manga Canon2016-12-24
845Conan Cornered in the Darkness (Part One)Filler2017-01-07
846Conan Cornered in the Darkness (Part Two)Filler2017-01-14
847Chiba's UFO Case (Part 1)Manga Canon2017-01-28
848Chiba's UFO Case (Part 2)Manga Canon2017-02-04
849The Marriage Registration's Password (Part 1)Manga Canon2017-02-11
850The Marriage Registration's Password (Part 2)Manga Canon2017-02-18
851The Descent Into Hell Tour of Love (Beppu Chapter)Filler2017-03-04
852The Descent Into Hell Tour of Love (Oita Chapter)Filler2017-03-11
853Memories From Sakura Class (Ran GIRL)Manga Canon2017-03-18
854Memories from Sakura Class (Shinichi BOY)Manga Canon2017-03-25
855Mystery of the Misssing Black BeltFiller2017-04-15
856The Socialite Couple's Secret Filler2017-04-22
857The Shifting Mystery of Beika City (Part 1)Filler2017-04-29
858The Shifting Mystery of Beika City (Part 2)Filler2017-05-06
859The Dark Mountain RouteFiller2017-05-13
860The Security System's PitfallFiller2017-05-20
861Just Like a 17 Year Old Crime Scene (Part 1)Manga Canon2017-06-03
862Just Like a 17 Year Old Crime Scene (Part 2)Manga Canon2017-06-10
863The Spirit Detective's Murder (Part 1)Manga Canon2017-06-17
864The Spirit Detective's Murder (Part 2)Manga Canon2017-06-24
865The Foul-Mouthed Myna BirdFiller2017-07-08
866The Traitor's Stage (Part 1)Manga Canon2017-07-15
867The Traitor's Stage (Part 2)Manga Canon2017-07-22
868The Whistling BookstoreFiller2017-07-29
869Conan Disappears Over a Cliff (Part 1)Filler2017-08-05
870Conan Disappears Over a Cliff (Part 2)Filler2017-08-12
871The Nobunaga 450 CaseFiller2017-09-02
872Conan and Heiji's Nue Legend (Roar Arc)Manga Canon2017-09-09
873Conan and Heiji's Nue Legend (Scratch Arc)Manga Canon2017-09-16
874Conan and Heiji's Nue Legend (Resolution Arc)Manga Canon2017-09-23
875The Mysterious Prophetic Buddha!Filler2017-09-30
876The Mechanical WitnessFiller2017-10-07
877A Pair of Crossing FatesFiller2017-10-14
878The Blind Spot in the Changing Room (Part 1)Manga Canon2017-10-28
879The Blind Spot in the Changing Room (Part 2)Manga Canon2017-11-04
880The Detective Boys and the Haunted HouseFiller2017-11-11
881The Wizard of the Ripples (Part 1)Manga Canon2017-11-18
882The Wizard of the Ripples (Part 2)Manga Canon2017-11-25
883The Pop-up Book Bomber (Part One)Filler2017-12-02
884The Pop-up Book Bomber (Part Two)Filler2017-12-09
885Solving Mysteries at the Poirot Café (Part 1)Manga Canon2017-12-16
886Solving Mysteries at the Poirot Café (Part 2)Manga Canon2017-12-23
887Kaito Kid and the Trick Box (Part 1)Manga Canon2018-01-06
888Kaito Kid and the Trick Box (Part 2)Manga Canon2018-01-13
889The New Teacher's Skeleton Case (Part 1)Manga Canon2018-01-20
890The New Teacher's Skeleton Case (Part 2)Manga Canon2018-01-27
891The Meiji Restoration Mystery Tour (Yamaguchi Arc)Filler2018-02-03
892 The Meiji Restoration Mystery Tour (Hagi Arc)Filler2018-02-10
893The Mystery of a Michelin Starred RestaurantFiller2018-02-24
894The Tokyo-Style Detective Show Next Door (Part 1)Manga Canon2018-03-03
895The Tokyo-Style Detective Show Next Door (Part 2)Manga Canon2018-03-10
896The Woman with White Hands (Part 1)Manga Canon2018-03-17
897The Woman with White Hands (Part 2)Manga Canon2018-03-24
898The Melting Cake!Filler2018-04-07
899The Real Culprit's ScreamFiller2018-04-28
900Solving Mysteries in a Locked RoomFiller2018-05-05
901Lawyer Kisaki's SOS (Part 1)Manga Canon2018-05-12
902Lawyer Kisaki's SOS (Part 2)Manga Canon2018-05-19
903Birds of a Feather at LoggerheadsFiller2018-05-26
904Result of the DrawFiller2018-06-09
905Eyewitness Testimony Seven Years Later (Part 1)Filler2018-06-23
906Eyewitness Testimony Seven Years Later (Part 2)Filler2018-06-30
907The J League BodyguardFiller2018-07-14
908Friendship Washed Away In the RiverbedFiller2018-07-21
909Mystery of the Burning Tent (Part 1)Manga Canon2018-07-28
910Mystery of the Burning Tent (Part 2)Manga Canon2018-08-04
911The Job Request from Inspector MegureFiller2018-09-01
912The Detective Boys Become ModelsFiller2018-09-08
913Conan Kidnapped (Part 1)Filler2018-09-15
914Conan Kidnapped (Part 2)Filler2018-09-22
915High School Girl Detective Suzuki SonokoFiller2018-09-29
916The Kendo Tournament of Love and Mystery (Part 1)Manga Canon2018-10-06
917The Kendo Tournament of Love and Mystery (Part 2)Manga Canon2018-10-13
918The Mini-Patrol Car Police's Big ChaseFiller2018-10-27
919The High School Girl Trio's Secret Café (Part 1)Manga Canon2018-11-03
920The High School Girl Trio's Secret Café (Part 2)Manga Canon2018-11-10
921The Murderous CarpoolFiller2018-11-17
922The Disappearing Detective BoysFiller2018-11-24
923A Day Without ConanFiller2018-12-01
924The Sun Sets Over Tangerine FieldsFiller2018-12-08
925The Heartfelt Strap (Part 1)Manga Canon2018-12-15
926The Heartfelt Strap (Part 2)Manga Canon2018-12-22
927The Scarlet School Trip (Bright Red Arc) (1 Hour Special)Manga Canon2019-01-05
928The Scarlet School Trip (Red Love Arc) (1 Hour Special)Manga Canon2019-01-12
929The Woman Standing in the Window (Part 1)Filler2019-02-02
930The Woman Standing in the Window (Part 2)Filler2019-02-09
931The Northern Kyushu Mystery Tour (Kokura Arc)Filler2019-02-16
932The Northern Kyushu Mystery Tour (Moji Arc)Filler2019-02-23
933The Thoroughbred Kidnapping Case (Part 1)Filler2019-03-09
934The Thoroughbred Kidnapping Case (Part 2)Filler2019-03-16
935The Fortune Teller and the Three CustomersFiller2019-03-23
936Intrigue at the Food CourtFiller2019-04-13
937The Killer Fist of Talos (Part 1)Filler2019-04-20
938The Killer Fist of Talos (Part 2)Filler2019-04-27
939The Dangerous Fossil Finding TripFiller2019-05-04
940The Missing GirlfriendFiller2019-05-11
941Search for Maria-chan! (Part 1)Manga Canon2019-06-01
942Search for Maria-chan! (Part 2)Manga Canon2019-06-08
943The Tokyo Barls CollectionFiller2019-06-15
944The Cost of Likes (Part 1)Filler2019-06-22
945The Cost of Likes (Part 2)Filler2019-06-29
946The Cursed Tears of Borgia (Part One)Filler2019-07-13
947The Cursed Tears of Borgia (Part Two)Filler2019-07-20
948The Man Crushed by a DinosaurFiller2019-07-27
949The Radio Questions and Concerns Show (Challenge Arc)Filler2019-08-03
950The Radio Questions and Concerns Show (Solution Arc)Filler2019-08-10
951The Whistling Bookstore 2Filler2019-08-17
952The Unsolved Cocktail Case (Part 1)Manga Canon2019-08-31
953The Unsolved Cocktail Case (Part 2)Manga Canon2019-09-07
954The Unsolved Cocktail Case (Part 3)Manga Canon2019-09-14
955The Secret of the Insect ManFiller2019-09-28
956The Mystery-Solving Water Taxi (Part 1)Filler2019-10-12
957The Mystery-Solving Water Taxi (Part 2)Filler2019-10-19
958The Poodle and the Shotgun (Part 1)Filler2019-11-09
959The Poodle and the Shotgun (Part 2)Filler2019-11-16
960Miss Lonely and the Detective BoysFiller2019-11-23
961The Glamping MysteryFiller2019-11-30
962Mori Kogoro's Grand Lecture (Part One)Filler2019-12-07
963Mori Kogoro's Grand Lecture (Part Two) Filler2019-12-14
964Mori Kogoro's Grand Lecture (Part Three)Filler2019-12-21
965Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba (Prologue)Filler2020-01-04
966Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba (Interlude)Filler2020-01-11
967Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba (Climax)Filler2020-01-18
968Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba (Finale)Filler2020-01-25
969The Young Kaga Lady's Mystery Tour (Part One)Filler2020-02-15
970The Young Kaga Lady's Mystery Tour (Part Two)Filler2020-02-22
971Target: MPD Transportation Department (Part One)Manga Canon2020-03-07
972Target: MPD Transportation Department (Part Two)Manga Canon2020-03-14
973Target: MPD Transportation Department (Part Three)Manga Canon2020-03-21
974Target: MPD Transportation Department (Part Four)Manga Canon2020-03-28
975The Secret of the Search for His WifeFiller2020-07-04
976Follow them! Detective TaxiFiller2020-07-18
977The Broken FishbowlFiller2020-08-01
978The Case On the Opposite ShoreFiller2020-08-15
979Leading a Detective Around By the NoseFiller2020-08-29
980An Encouragement of the Perfect CrimeFiller2020-09-05
981Welcome to Bocchan Restaurant (Part One)Filler2020-09-19
982Welcome to Bocchan Restaurant (Part Two) Filler2020-09-26
983Kid vs. Komei: the Targeted Lips (Part One) Manga Canon2020-10-03
984Kid vs. Komei: the Targeted Lips (Part Two)Manga Canon2020-10-10
985The Two Faces (Part One)Filler2020-10-24
986The Two Faces (Part Two)Filler2020-10-31
987The Company Dissolution PartyFiller2020-11-07
988The Feuding GirlsFiller2020-11-14
989The Case of Ayumi's Illustrated DiaryFiller2020-12-05
990The Automatic Tragedy (Part One)Filler2020-12-12
991The Automatic Tragedy (Part Two)Filler2020-12-19
992Murder at the Townhouse CaféFiller2020-12-26
993Makoto Kyogoku the Understudy (Part One)Manga Canon2021-01-09
994Makoto Kyogoku the Understudy (Part Two)Manga Canon2021-01-16
995Makoto Kyogoku the Understudy (Part Three)Manga Canon2021-01-23
996The Skilled Hawk Hides His CrimesFiller2021-01-30
997Intrigue at Smile VillageFiller2021-02-13
998The Frying Pan of HatredFiller2021-02-20
999Troublesome KindnessFiller2021-02-27
1000The Moonlight Sonata Murder (Part One)Manga Canon2021-03-06
1001The Moonlight Sonata Murder (Part Two)Manga Canon2021-03-13
1002The Beika City Shopping Center Garbage Bin MysteryFiller2021-04-17
1003The 36-Cell Perfect Game (Part One)Manga Canon2021-04-24
1004The 36-Cell Perfect Game (Part Two)Manga Canon2021-05-01
1005The 36-Cell Perfect Game (Part Three)Manga Canon2021-05-08
1006Who Poisoned the VictimFiller2021-05-15
1007Out For Revenge (Part One)Filler2021-06-05
1008Out For Revenge (Part Two)Filler2021-06-12
1009The Lost Article That Smells Like a CaseFiller2021-06-19
1010The Idol Whose Smile DisappearedFiller2021-06-26
1011Picking Wild Plants and Clovers (Part One)Manga Canon2021-07-10
1012Picking Wild Plants and Clovers (Part Two)Manga Canon2021-07-17
1013The Man Who Loved Too MuchFiller2021-07-24
1014The Novelist Known as the Demon KingFiller2021-07-31
1015Stake OutFiller2021-08-14
1016The Monorail Sniper Case (Part One)Filler2021-08-28
1017The Monorail Sniper Case (Part Two)Filler2021-09-04
1018The Antique Tray Can't Be Hidden (Part One)Manga Canon2021-09-11
1019The Antique Tray Can't Be Hidden (Part Two)Manga Canon2021-09-18
1020The Antique Tray Can't Be Hidden (Part Three)Manga Canon2021-09-25
1021Rondo in Bad CompanyFiller2021-10-02
1022The Cursed MuseumFiller2021-10-09
1023The Whistling Bookstore 3Filler2021-10-16
1024Ooka Momiji's Challenge (Part One)Manga Canon2021-10-30
1025Ooka Momiji's Challenge (Part Two)Manga Canon2021-11-06
1026The Wordless WitnessFiller2021-11-13
1027Beyond the CurtainFiller2021-11-20
1028Ballad of the Woman Who Loved CakeFiller2021-11-27
1029Police Academy Arc Wild Police Story CASE. Jinpei MatsudaManga Canon2021-12-04
1030The Blank Year (Part One)Filler2021-12-11
1031The Blank Year (Part Two)Filler2021-12-18
1032Mori Ran, the ModelFiller2021-12-25
1033Taiko Meijin's Shogi Board (Opening Move)Manga Canon2022-01-08
1034Taiko Meijin's Shogi Board (Brilliant Move)Manga Canon2022-01-15
1035Taiko Meijin's Shogi Board (Checkmate)Manga Canon2022-01-22
1036Whiteout (Part One)Filler2022-01-29
1037Whiteout (Part Two)Filler2022-02-05
1038Police Academy Arc Wild Police Story CASE. Wataru DateManga Canon2022-03-12
1039The Flying Jack-o'-lanternFiller2022-04-16
1040The Case of Ayumi's Illustrated Diary 2Filler2022-04-23
1041The Unstated AlibiFiller2022-04-30
1042Police Academy Arc Wild Police Story CASE. Kenji HagiwaraManga Canon2022-05-07
1043The Figure of RevengeFiller2022-05-14
1044The Deadly Pork Soup SignalFiller2022-05-21
1045The Birthday Party of Divine Punishment (Part One)Manga Canon2022-06-04
1046The Birthday Party of Divine Punishment (Part Two)Manga Canon2022-06-11
1047The Red Sheep's Eerie Game (Part One)Filler2022-06-18
1048The Red Sheep's Eerie Game (Part Two)Filler2022-06-25
1049The Threat to Megure's Police CareerFiller2022-07-09
1050Intrigue at Morikawa Mansion (Part One)Filler2022-07-16
1051Intrigue at Morikawa Mansion (Part Two)Filler2022-07-23
1052The Detective Boys' Test of CourageFiller2022-07-30
1053The Spark That Fell on the Ranch (Part One)Manga Canon2022-08-06
1054The Spark That Fell on the Ranch (Part Two)Manga Canon2022-08-13
1055The Ghost's RevengeFiller2022-09-03
1056I Want My Husband BackFiller2022-09-17
1057Bad GuysFiller2022-09-24
1058The Man Who Camped Out at the Police StationFiller2022-10-01
1059Yoko Okino and the Locked Attic (Part One)Manga Canon2022-10-08
1060Yoko Okino and the Locked Attic (Part Two)Manga Canon2022-10-15
1061Police Academy Arc Wild Police Story CASE. Hiromitsu MorofushiManga Canon2022-10-29
1062The Spiral of Rain and MaliceFiller2022-11-05
1063The Targeted Chicken SexerFiller2022-11-12
1064The Dreamy-Eyed Woman's Last Shot at LoveFiller2022-11-19
1065Detectives Don't SleepFiller2022-11-26
1066'Til Death Do Us PartFiller2022-12-03
1067The Shopping Center in LoveFiller2022-12-24
1068Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya's Detective NotesFiller2023-01-07
1069The Sweet Voice Heard Through the PhoneFiller2023-01-14
1070The Surprise That Leads to TragedyFiller2023-01-21
1071Yusaku Kudo's Detective Show (Part One)Manga Canon2023-01-28
1072Yusaku Kudo's Detective Show (Part Two)Manga Canon2023-02-04
1073The Detective Boys' Pursuit of the Purse-snatcherFiller2023-02-11
1074The Boiled Fugu Mystery Tour Showdown (Mojiko & Kokura Part)Filler2023-02-18
1075The Boiled Fugu Mystery Tour Showdown (Shimonoseki Part)Filler2023-02-25
1076Police Academy Arc Wild Police Story CASE. Rei FuruyaMixed Canon/Filler2023-03-11
1076The Charismatic CEO's Secret PlanFiller2023-03-04
1077The Black Organization's Scheme (Hunt) Manga Canon2023-03-25
1078The Black Organization's Scheme (Landing)Manga Canon2023-04-01
1079The Black Organization's Scheme (Identity)Manga Canon2023-04-08
1080The Cameras Targeting HaibaraFiller2023-04-15
1081My Beloved Dog Pan-kun Is a Good BoyFiller2023-04-22
1082The Alley of Sad BetrayalFiller2023-04-29
1083Behind the Scenes of the J League FinalsFiller2023-05-13
1084The Freezing Cold MenFiller2023-05-20
1085The Inauspicious Matchmaking (Part One)Manga Canon2023-06-03
1086The Inauspicious Matchmaking (Part Two)Manga Canon2023-06-10
1087The Case of Ayumi's Illustrated Diary 3Filler2023-06-17
1088The Unfortunate and Suspicious Victim‎‎Filler2023-06-24
1089The Genius RestaurantFiller2023-07-08
1090The Culprit Who Disappeared Into the Sleeping TownFiller2023-07-15
1091Girls Day MysteryFiller2023-07-22
1092Stakeout 2Filler2023-07-29
1093Akemi Miyano's Time Capsule (Part One)Manga Canon2023-08-05
1094Akemi Miyano's Time Capsule (Part Two)Manga Canon2023-08-12
1095The Missing Man's DreamFiller2023-09-02
1096Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya's Detective Notes 2Filler2023-09-09
1097Did I Do It?Filler2023-09-16
1098Chihaya Hagiwara, Goddess of the Wind (Part One)Manga Canon2023-09-23
1099Chihaya Hagiwara, Goddess of the Wind (Part Two)Manga Canon2023-09-30
1100The Troublesome 20 Million YenFiller2023-10-14
1101Pride of the Immortal ManFiller2023-10-21
1102The Akabeko and the Three Lucky MenFiller2023-11-04
1103The Teen Novel That Smells Like GuiltFiller2023-11-11
1104The True Culprit is On the RunFiller2023-11-18
1105Kid vs. Amuro: The Queen's Bangs (Part One)Manga Canon2023-12-02
1106Kid vs. Amuro: The Queen's Bangs (Part Two)Manga Canon2023-12-09
1107I Was Set UpFiller2023-12-16
1108The Secret Hidden By the CardsFiller2023-12-23
1109Takagi and Date and the Notebook Promise (Part One)Manga Canon2024-01-06
1110Takagi and Date and the Notebook Promise (Part Two)Manga Canon2024-01-13
1111Rube Goldberg Machine (Part One)Filler2024-01-20
1112Rube Goldberg Machine (Part Two)Filler2024-01-27
1113Last Dinner For YouFiller2024-02-03
1114The Holed-Up SensationFiller2024-02-10
1115Chihaya and Jugo's Matchmaking Party (Part 1)Manga Canon2024-03-02
1116Chihaya and Jugo's Matchmaking Party (Part 2)Manga Canon2024-03-09
1117Karate Teacher Ran MouriFiller2024-03-16
1118Girls Day Mystery 2Filler2024-03-23
1119The Four-Person Class ReunionFiller2024-04-06
1120Mystery of the Lost TreasureFiller2024-04-13
1121The Dangerous Melon FieldFiller2024-04-27
1122Stakeout 3Filler2024-05-04
1123The Body on the Gunma-Nagano Border (Part 1)Manga Canon2024-05-11
1124The Body on the Gunma-Nagano Border (Part 2)Manga Canon2024-05-18
1125The Case of Ayumi's Illustrated Diary 4Filler2024-06-01
1126The Detective Who Lost His MindFiller2024-06-08
1127The Interrogation Room 2Filler2024-06-15
1128Conan and Megure's Two Hostages (Part 1)Filler2024-06-22
1129Conan and Megure's Two Hostages (Part 2)Filler2024-06-29

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