Initial D Filler List

Updated on May 17, 2024

Initial D was an anime series that ran from 1998 to 2014. In total 82 episodes of Initial D were aired. Initial D has no reported filler.

Takumi’s job as a tofu delivery boy had made him one of the best drivers around. His life shifts into high gear when the street racing world takes notice.

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-82

Initial D Episode List

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1The Ultimate Tofu Store DriftManga Canon1998-04-18
2Revenge! The Rumbling TurboManga Canon1998-04-25
3Downhill Specialist ArrivesManga Canon1998-05-02
4The Battle BeginsManga Canon1998-05-09
5Dogfight!Manga Canon1998-05-16
6A New Challenger Manga Canon1998-05-23
7Pride of a RacerManga Canon1998-06-13
8Time's Almost Up!Manga Canon1998-06-20
9Battle to the LimitManga Canon1998-06-27
10Explosion! The Five Consecutive HairpinsManga Canon1998-07-04
11Shingo ArrivesManga Canon1998-07-11
12The FR KillerManga Canon1998-08-01
13First DateManga Canon1998-08-08
14Evolving DriftManga Canon1998-08-15
15Takumi's FuryManga Canon1998-08-22
16The Angel of UsuiManga Canon1998-08-29
17Sudden-Death Death MatchManga Canon1998-09-12
18Hot Winds and Furious DrivingManga Canon1998-09-19
19Super Drift!Manga Canon1998-09-26
20The End of SummerManga Canon1998-10-01
21Challenge From the SuperstarManga Canon1998-10-17
22Fierce Uphill Battle!Manga Canon1998-10-24
23The Rainy DownhillManga Canon1998-11-07
24Akagi's White CometManga Canon1998-11-14
25Last Great BattleManga Canon1998-11-28
26The New Downhill LegendManga Canon1998-12-05
27A New ThreatManga Canon1999-10-14
28Team Emperor on AkinaManga Canon1999-10-21
29The Feeling of DefeatManga Canon1999-10-28
30Hollow VictoryManga Canon1999-11-04
31Countdown to DestructionManga Canon1999-11-11
32Goodbye Eight-SixManga Canon1999-11-18
33Battle at AkagiManga Canon1999-11-25
34Dangerous CarManga Canon1999-12-02
35The New Eight-SixManga Canon1999-12-09
36The Eight-Six TurboManga Canon1999-12-16
37The Seal Has Been BrokenManga Canon2000-01-06
38Eight-Six vs. Eight-SixManga Canon2000-01-13
39Changing SeasonsManga Canon2000-01-20
40The Third StageManga Canon2001-01-13
41Project DManga Canon2004-04-16
42Full Throttle! Downhill BattleManga Canon2004-04-16
43The Most Powerful Man of the Todo SchoolManga Canon2004-06-19
44Two Pieces of AdviceManga Canon2004-06-19
45The Starting Line to VictoryManga Canon2004-08-21
46Fateful Battle of the FDsManga Canon2004-10-15
47Blind AttackManga Canon2004-08-21
48The 85's Raging TurboManga Canon2004-10-15
49Kyoko's ConfessionManga Canon2004-12-17
50The Saitama Area's Ultimate WeaponManga Canon2004-12-17
51Rainy Downhill BattleManga Canon2005-02-18
52Straightaway of StrugglesManga Canon2005-02-18
53MotivationManga Canon2005-04-15
54Sad Lonely DriverManga Canon2005-04-15
554WD ComplexManga Canon2005-06-17
56Hillclimb of FuryManga Canon2005-06-17
57The Saitama Area's Final BattleManga Canon2005-08-19
58Last DriveManga Canon2005-08-19
59God Foot and God ArmManga Canon2005-10-14
60The Unmatched GT-R!Manga Canon2005-10-14
61DogfightManga Canon2005-12-16
62The Sorcerer of the Single-Handed SteerManga Canon2005-12-16
63Endless BattleManga Canon2006-02-17
64The Never-ending ChallengeManga Canon2006-02-17
65Encounter of DestinyManga Canon2012-11-09
66The New BattlefieldManga Canon2012-11-09
67Dead LineManga Canon2012-12-14
68Revenge Battle of FateManga Canon2012-12-14
69Fujiwara ZoneManga Canon2013-01-11
70Keisuke's DeterminationManga Canon2013-01-11
71Zero HeartsManga Canon2013-02-08
72White DevilManga Canon2013-02-08
73Grim ReaperManga Canon2013-03-08
74Full StopManga Canon2013-03-08
75Full Stop, Continued...Manga Canon2013-04-12
76BrothersManga Canon2013-04-12
77Unexpected BattleManga Canon2013-05-10
78Conclusion! Extreme Hill ClimbManga Canon2013-05-10
79NaturalManga Canon2014-05-16
80The Strongest EnemyManga Canon2014-05-16
81Dangerous ScentManga Canon2014-06-22
82DreamManga Canon2014-06-22

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