The Distance Between Them

Following the events at the school, Shirō allows Saber to sleep next to his room so she could prevent him from being taken by Caster again. Meanwhile, Shinji arrives at Kirei's church and pleads with him to offer him shelter and protection. However, when he finds out he was the first Master to lose his Servant, he blames the loss on Rider, yelling that she was useless as a Servant. Realizing Shinji still has a resolve to fight, Kirei tells him there is one additional Servant available for usage. After clearing Issei of being Caster's Master, Shirō encounters Rin, who is spying on the blond-haired, red-eyed man who visited Kirei at his church; the man had been observing the Matō home for some time. When the man leaves, Rin asks Shirō about what would happen if someone were to be adopted by another family against his or her will, and forced to grow up in their care. While eating dinner, Taiga tells Saber about Shirō's childhood and Kiritsugu, commenting that they seemed to be polar opposites of each other due to their personalities, and also mentions Shirō's wish to become a hero of justice. When Saber asks him why he wanted to become a hero of justice, Shirō vaguely replies that it was because he looked up to them. However, while in his room alone, he concludes he only wanted to follow in Kiritsugu's footsteps, and then remembers Archer's words that his ideals were flawed. 

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