Winter Days, Whereabouts of Mind

After having a lesson with Saber on how to use a sword, Shirō notices that he performed better than during his previous lesson. He notes to Saber that he is using Archer's techniques as a basis for his study, which seems to upset Saber. Arriving at school late, Shirō is met by Shinji, who greets him ominously. During lunchtime, Rin reluctantly forces Shirō to eat with her at the school rooftop. She reveals that she learned about Archer's attack on him and was forced to use a Command Seal to prevent him from further attacking him. Shirō asks about the Matō family being a bloodline of mages; Rin responds that while they are, their magical abilities died off with each generation. She then admits that she had recently found out Shinji was a Master, but relented in attacking him because he lacked experience in magic, and that as a result, there is another Master present in the school. Then, Shinji's Servant activates a second, much stronger magical barrier around the school, which absorbs the mana of everyone but Shirō and Rin. The two are attacked by skeletal beings called Golems, and Shirō summons Saber via Command Seal. Saber battles the Golems while he and Rin go to the school's first floor to disable the barrier. After dispatching several Golems, Saber faces off against Shinji's Servant, who is identified as being of the Rider class, and manages to stab her, but Rider is revealed to be an apparition created by Caster, who disappears. Meanwhile, Shirō and Rin find Shinji and the corpse of the real Rider, which dissolves, causing the barrier to dissipate. Shinji refuses to identify the Servant who killed Rider and flees the school. After Shirō, Rin, and Saber assess the situation and deduce that Caster killed Rider, Rin notes Shirō's ability to recognize the conditions of the unconscious students and employees, and he replies that he was used to seeing dead bodies, which confuses Rin. 

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