The Fifth Contractor

Rin wakes up after having a dream about how Archer became a Servant in the first place. She later discusses Shirō's reliability as an ally with Archer, who suggests Caster would be a more efficient partner for them, which upsets her. At school, Shirō notices Issei talking with Kuzuki and learns from him that Kuzuki lives at Ryuudou Temple with a mysterious woman who is believed to be his fiancée. Rin theorizes from the information that Kuzuki is Caster's Master and plans on confirming them by attacking Kuzuki with a non-lethal magical attack and observe his reaction. The following night, Shirō, Rin, and Saber set up their quarters at an abandoned gas station where Kuzuki usually passes by. When he arrives, Rin fires the magical attack on him, but he is unaffected and Caster arrives for assistance. An outraged Shirō confronts Kuzuki and asks if he knew about Caster's attacks on innocent people; Kuzuki responds that he was unaware but did not care the slightest, revealing himself to be a former killer. Rin then attacks Caster as a distraction while Saber tries to strike Kuzuki, but Kuzuki uses magically-strengthened fists to subdue Saber and Rin, then brutalizes Shirō. In response, he summons Archer's dual swords and uses them to repel Kuzuki's attacks. When Saber and Rin regain consciousness, Kuzuki and Caster flee. Rin asks Shirō how he was able to summon weapons, and he reveals that while he specialized in strengthening magic, he first succeeded at using projection magic. Meanwhile, Shinji meets his new Servant, the blond-haired, red-eyed man, who dismisses his strategy to kill innocent people for their mana and reveals his plan to use the Holy Grail to kill most of the human population in the world. 

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