To the Summit

Cobra uses a piton to split the icy rock falling towards them and an exploding cigar to divert the following avalanche, saving the group. Exhausted, Bucky ceases to believe in the mountain so it disappears and he falls to his death. That night Linda tries to seduce Cobra but fails. During the night Daisy’s barrier-tent is sabotaged and she freezes to death. Linda reveals Cobra’s identity and con-man Lucky Jack tries to kill him, but Cobra kills him instead. Cobra reveals that Father Sebastian is really Bull’s-eye. They shelter from the storm in crevices. Later, Father Sebastian is founded hanged, and Linda is missing. She left to reach the summit alone, but hears a mechanical voice saying the mountain is an illusion and falls to her death. The rope holding Leo is cut by a mechanical arm and he falls but is saved. They all hear a voice saying the mountain is an illusion. Leo listens and falls to his death. Cobra then realizes the traitor is Father Sebastian, a cyborg. Sebastian then cuts Cobra’s lifeline, but Cobra doesn’t fall far. Father Sebastian reaches the summit, finding the wreckage and the gold, however Cobra also arrives and confronts him. Father Sebastian admits that he planted the bomb on the plane which gives Cobra reason to kill him. Only Geronimo remains – his reason for the climb being to prove his father had also reached the summit, but died there. Cobra’s reason, Armaroid Lady was on the plane. He finds her just before her systems shut down completely. They depart, leaving the gold behind them. 

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