Climbing Mt. Kagero

A passenger plane carrying 20 tons of gold bars is blown up in mid air and crashes into a mountain killing the passengers and crew. Search parties found no trace of the plane, and no mountain exists in the area. During a snow storm, in a remote cabin, a group of eight strangers wait for a ferry and discuss the legend about Mt. Kagero that is said to appear every ten years. Cobra enters, calling himself Johnson, the group are; Father Sebastian, fur trader Jack, fishermen siblings Daisy and Bucky, explorer Leo, Linda Windsor and bodyguard Frank, and ferry owner Geronimo. However Cobra knows them as Leo the Killer, Crazy Mouse sibling thieves and con-man Lucky Jack. Linda Windsor acknowledges that they are all after the gold. Even though the storm hasn’t abated Geronimo takes them out in his boat and they agree to split the gold 8 ways. Eventually, through the flying snow they see Mt. Kagero, but a violent wave throws them into the sea. They use handy-jets to escape the water and get to the mountain base, but are attacked by snow sharks along the way. All except Frank make it to safety. Geronimo is leading the difficult climb up the mountain when a huge block of ice and rock falls towards them. 

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