Cobra stops at an entertainment space station and encounters Bonny who now has her own bar. In the bar he meets a woman who has been waiting a week to see him. She introduces herself as Elizabeth Tucker who requests his help. He cannot refuse as she has Secret trapped in a prison. He travels with her to planet Nazca with three other men, The Eyes, The Ears and The Nose. She wants to find the seeds of a plant called Mandrad that has a human face, and when it matures has diamond teeth. They arrive on Nazca and find a Mandrad over 2,000 years old. To reach its seeds they must travel through a dark swamp where the specialist skills of Cobra’s three companions prove useful in avoiding the deadly inhabitants such as jet-piranha and exploding mushrooms. On the way, The Nose and The Eyes do not survive. They reach a seed pod but The Ears gets greedy and is shot by a seed, which grows and blooms into a Mandrad plant with diamond teeth - they need human bodies to grow. Cobra returns with a bag of seeds, but Elizabeth Tucker plans to kill him. However when she opens the bag, one fires into her body, killing her, growing a new plant, and freeing Secret. 

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