The Starless City

Secret opens the Golden Gate and the Humanhead Shark tells Cobra to find the control system under a winged lion. Cobra and Secret find the control mechanism, but trigger a gravity barrier. Cobra tries to force his way forward, but falls through a trapdoor and finds himself in a foreign city with amnesia. He rescues a beautiful woman, Bonny, from some thugs out to collect on a loan from their boss Bogard. She proposes that they make some money together using his powerful punch. She offers Bogard a deal to repay her debt by entering Cobra in a fight club contest. Bogard pits him against Mohammad, the unbeaten champion. Cobra wins in three punches and the debt is repaid. When Cobra notices that there are no stars in the sky, Bonny explains that they are in an underground city on Galon. History says the Galonians were almost wiped out 3,000 years ago by biological warfare and the survivors escaped underground. Sights of the winged lion statue above prompts his some of Cobra’s memories. Bogard’s bodyguard offers Cobra a contest with Garcia, the man who killed Bonny’s brother in a dirty fight – he accepts. Before the fight a girl kisses Cobra and bites him on the lip. When the fight begins, Cobra feels paralyzed, cannot fight back and takes a heavy beating. 

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