The Golden Gate

Professor Toporo explains that the mysterious figures accompanying him are Martian cave dwellers helping with the excavation. He theory is that the planet was a giant spaceship constructed by the ancient Galonians for their god Shiva who travelled the galaxy. Queen Shiva searched for a Golden Paradise but the Galonians were wiped out along the journey. It appears that someone recently activated the planet drive unit. The professor’s party enter the ruined temple and arrive at the Golden Gate. Before handing over the key, Cobra realises that the professor and helpers are actually Pirate Guild operatives and kills them. Pilot Blackborn and Zoros attack Cobra and Secret. Blackborn melts the key and captures Secret, saying the Pirate Guild’s plan is to crash Galon into the sun and destroy the galaxy. Zoros chases Cobra into an underground waterway, but Cobra finally manages to destroy him after Humanhead Sharks strip off his protective bandages. A sentient Humanhead Shark frees Secret and tells her that her own body is the key to the Golden Gate. She steps forward into the figure of a woman carved into the gateway. 

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