The Ghost of the Golden Paradise

Cobra looks likely to lose the fight, because the woman who kissed and bit him used a paralysis drug, the same as was used on Bonny’s brother. Cobra fears he will die here, not knowing who he is, but steels himself and defeats Garcia with one mighty blow. Memories come flooding back to Cobra and he remembers who he is, and his mission. He heads for the planet’s propulsion power plant, taking Bonny with him. They arrive and Bonny helps him rescue Secret who has been trapped under the gravity barrier for more than a day. Because of the gravity barrier, he cannot reach the switch nor use his Psychogun, however Bonny knows the location of the central control unit. They reach it, but access is difficult as it is over 30m below them. Bonny tell the story of Midora, a woman who threw herself down onto it a month ago. Cobra suspects that this restarted it, directing the planet towards the sun. Midora, now part of the machine tries to stop them from reaching the circuits below as her desire for suicide has been transferred to the central control unit. She uses illusions to stop Cobra from accessing the controls, but he uses the Psychogun to destroy her body, thus shutting down the propulsion power plant and preventing the plant’s destruction. 

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