The Black Bullet

Cobra enters a car race and competes against the reigning champion Pamela Lee. He wins the race but crashes his machine into a tunnel. Everyone thinks he's dead, but he changes to a tuxedo suit and walks away. Later, he appears at a bar and meets Pamela Lee who is unsurprised that he survived the crash. She tells him that during the race, power was cut and a thief stole $4 million from the vault. Cobra disagrees, saying it was only $3.5 million. She asks him to stop the Black Bullet. While in the bathroom she screams and disappears out the window. Later Cobra is arrested after stopping a runaway police car, apparently controlled by the Black Bullet. The lady police officer explains that the super fast and armour plated Black Bullet has destroyed more than 100 cars and 200 people. Police manage to trap the Black Bullet but it escapes, and is unaffected by Cobra's Psychogun. Cobra meets the inventor of the Black Bullet which he says he made for Pamela. But after her sister died in a care accident, Pamela developed a split personality and an extreme hatred of all vehicles. Cobra sets a trap for Pamela and the Black Bullet which sees them both destroyed. 

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