The Key of Shiva

On Christmas Day, two Pirate Guild pterodactyl fighter planes are tracking a truck on the ground. In the truck, a woman called Secret and a man are delivering the Key of Shiva to the space port 300 km away. The truck drives into a tunnel and crashes into Cobra who is driving towards them. Secret gives the key to Cobra asking him to deliver it to Professor Toporo on planet Galon. Cobra shoots down one of the attacking space ships, but is badly injured. They are rescued by the Highway Patrol and taken to hospital where his body starts healing at an amazing rate. He thinks Secret reminds him of Dominique. Pirate Guild operatives enter her room, but Cobra intervenes and kills them, and captures female Pilot Blackborn who says that Secret is in the Galaxy Patrol. Zoros, an almost indestructible figure in a golden ram’s head mask attacks Cobra, but he survives and agrees to help Secret deliver the Key of Shiva. Secret explains that Galon is a huge planet that is heading for the sun and the impact could destroy the solar system. It is an artificial planet with a drive system that must be activated with the Key of Shiva to change course. They travel to Galon and land at the excavation site where they are met by mysterious figures wearing domed helmets. 

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