Galaxy Knights

In a town called Gizla, a group of characters receive invitations to recapture Shiva Castle. The Shiva royal family was wiped out by the Chaos Army 20 years ago. They have a slim chance of success to kill the Chaos king, and even less of returning alive. The invitations also contained the mission plans and a spade playing card. They decide to use the card numbers as their identities. The Queen of Spades is a professional killer. She quickly identifies two others as Chaos agents and kills them. Cobra is the last to join the group, holding the Ace. Suddenly a hoard of Chaos Beast Mechas attack and only four of the original group survive, escaping on the roof of a train. A man called King is trapped in a prison. To maintain his sanity, his soul mate the fairy Ellis is kept in a nearby cell. He is to be the thirteenth member and their guide. To complete the mission, they must rescue him from a slave trader’s mansion. The Queen of Spades enters his mansion alone in a cocktail dress instead of her battle attire. 

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