Sword Art Online Filler List

Updated on September 15, 2022

Sword Art Online was an anime series that ran from 2012 to 2017. In total 50 episodes of Sword Art Online were aired. Sword Art Online has no reported filler.

In the year 2022, a new virtual reality game is released called Sword Art Online. Unfortunately, when Kirito begins playing the game he and the rest of the 10,000 players find themselves unable to log out. Not only are they now trapped in this new world but, if they die in the game they die in real life.

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-49
Anime Canon Episodes:50

Sword Art Online Episode List

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1The World of SwordsManga Canon2012-06-07
2BeaterManga Canon2012-07-14
3Red Nosed ReindeerManga Canon2012-07-21
4The Black SwordsmanManga Canon2012-07-28
5Murder in the Safe ZoneManga Canon2012-08-04
6Illusionary AvengerManga Canon2012-08-11
7The Temperature of the HeartManga Canon2012-08-18
8The Sword Dance of Black and WhiteManga Canon2012-08-25
9The Blue-Eyed DemonManga Canon2012-09-01
10Crimson Killing IntentManga Canon2012-09-08
11The Girl of the Morning DewManga Canon2012-09-15
12Yui's HeartManga Canon2012-09-22
13Edge of Hell's AbyssManga Canon2012-09-29
14The End of the WorldManga Canon2012-10-06
15ReturnManga Canon2012-10-13
16Land of the FairiesManga Canon2012-10-20
17Captive QueenManga Canon2012-10-27
18To the World TreeManga Canon2012-11-03
19The Lugru CorridorManga Canon2012-11-10
20General of the Blazing FlameManga Canon2012-11-17
21The Truth of AlfheimManga Canon2012-11-24
22Grand QuestManga Canon2012-12-01
23BondsManga Canon2012-12-08
24Gilded HeroManga Canon2012-12-15
25The World SeedManga Canon2012-12-22
26The World of GunsManga Canon2014-07-05
27Cold-Hearted SniperManga Canon2014-07-12
28Memories of Fresh BloodManga Canon2014-07-19
29GGOManga Canon2014-07-26
30Swords and GunsManga Canon2014-08-02
31Showdown in the WildernessManga Canon2014-08-09
32Crimson MemoriesManga Canon2014-08-16
33Bullet of BulletsManga Canon2014-08-23
34Death GunManga Canon2014-08-30
35Death ChaserManga Canon2014-09-06
36What It Means To Be StrongManga Canon2014-09-13
37Bullet of a PhantomManga Canon2014-09-20
38Phantom BulletManga Canon2014-09-27
39One Small StepManga Canon2014-10-04
40Queen of the LakeManga Canon2014-10-18
41King of the GiantsManga Canon2014-10-25
42ExcaliburManga Canon2014-11-01
43House in the ForestManga Canon2014-11-08
44ZekkenManga Canon2014-11-15
45Sleeping KnightsManga Canon2014-11-22
46The Monument of the SwordsmenManga Canon2014-11-29
47The End of the JourneyManga Canon2014-12-06
48The Dream BeginsManga Canon2014-12-13
49Mother's RosarioManga Canon2014-12-20
50Ordinal Scale (Movie)Anime Canon2017-02-18

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