Illusionary Avenger

Kirito and Asuna continue to investigate the murder of Kains and Yolko, who were members of a disbanded guild called Golden Apple. Kirito wonders how it is possible to kill someone in a safe zone. Schmit, another former member of Golden Apple, declares that the killer is the ghost of Griselda, their deceased leader. After watching a dropped sandwich vanish, Kirito deduces how Yolko and Kains "died", and who murdered Griselda. He explains to Asuna that Yolko and Kains have faked their deaths by using a teleport crystal when their armor broke from losing durability, which made them appear to have died. Yolko and Kains confront Schmit at Griselda's grave to investigate the identity of Griselda's killer. After Schmit explains that he had only followed instructions given to him and had not expected Griselda's death, the three are surrounded by members of a notorious crime guild, Laughing Coffin, who have come to kill them. Yolko, Kains and Schmit are rescued by the timely arrival of Kirito, who intimidates the Laughing Coffin members into retreating. 

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Story arc 1: Aincrad, Volume 3

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