The Roulette of Death

Cobra and Lady decide to investigate a stolen shipment of gold from Venus. They travel to Las Vegas Station as the best place for clues. Cobra meets a waitress in a casino owned by a Hammer Volt Joe - half-man, half-cyborg and Guild boss. She is under surveillance for being seen near the warehouse and Joe orders her killed. Cobra escapes with her, but uses the Psychogun and reveals his identity. Meanwhile Lady is seen near the warehouse. She sees the Venus transport ship but is captured by Hammer Volt Joe. Cobra tracks Joe down, and with the waitress he finds the gold shipment. Joe fires his rocket-powered fists at Cobra, but the waitress switches of the gravity controls rendering Joe's fists useless, and Cobra blasts him out of the space station. The waitress reveals herself to be Lucia Rodock, Galactic Patrol Lieutenant. 

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