The Great Magician, Galtan

A giant chases a young woman, Bellamy, through space into Cobra's ship. He and Cobra fight, but he is so impressed with Cobra's strength he decides to make Cobra his servant. The giant takes the ship and its occupants to his satellite palace. Bellamy frees Cobra and explains that giant King Galtan uses powerful magic to loot nearby planets. They try to escape but are captured. Galtan offers Cobra gold, silver and women to be his assistant. Cobra refuses and is forced to swallow a balloon fruit, as has everyone in the palace. Galtan demonstrates how can make a person balloon up and explode. Cobra still refuses and Galtan make him swell. Bellamy uses magic to remove the fruit Cobra swallowed which she throws into the giant's mouth. She makes him swell up using the same magic spell. Galtan explodes, but reforms himself. He chases Cobra and Bellamy who have gone to the Room of Time where Lady and the ship is located. The find Lady and his ship turned to stone, which can only be reversed if Galtan is no more. To defeat him Bellamy says they must destroy a skull hidden in the room. Cobra solves the puzzle and Galtan is sent back into the bottle where he lived for the past 3,000 years. 

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