The Dreadful The Ultimate Weapon

The object containing the eye is the Ultimate Weapon which transforms into a sword and Sandra attacks Cobra. She is too powerful and Cobra calls Lady to get information about the Ultimate Weapon from Mars Ancient History texts, however the essential 3rd volume was supposedly destroyed. Sandra emerges from the pyramid, but is now a golden giant. Sandra pursues Cobra and attempts to destroy the Turtle by setting it on fire. Cobra discovers that the 3rd volume of the Mars Ancient History is actually inscribed on top of the pyramid. Lady decodes the text and finds that the Ultimate Weapon can self-evolve. Sand Jack of the Pirate Guild arrives to take the Ultimate Weapon but Sandra refuses. He opens fire with laser cannon, and the Ultimate Weapon transforms into the same weapon and Sandra uses it to blast his men, his ship and him. Cobra tries unsuccessfully to fight back using a Snow Gorilla tank, so he retreats to the Turtle. Lady says the Ultimate Weapon will keep duplicating until it duplicates the universe and so the weapon must be destroyed. Cobra attacks Sandra and the Ultimate Weapon with the Turtle, before it has time to transform into a space ship and defeat them. Sandra is killed and the Ultimate Weapon returns to its original form. Cobra then hurls it into the sandy desert. 

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