My Dragon Crystal Friend!

Some time before his face change operation, Cobra and Lady are attacked by Guild ships. The almost escape, but encounter a large number of planet Wing's defense force between Charybe and Scylla. Commander Vega of Wing's defense warns the Guild ships to withdraw. Cobra thanks him for saving them and departs. Now, 8 years later, planet Wing has been taken over by the Guild. Cobra heads to Talcaros to meet Vega who is now a Guild fugitive. Cobra convinces him that he is still alive. They agree to retrieve the Wing's Dragon's Crystal from the Guild although Vega has little time left to live. He will transform into a winged figure the die six hours later. The security at the Art Museum where it is held is very high, but they gain access. That night Cobra manages to steal the crystal, and, following Vega's transformation, he flies Cobra away. Cobra promises to take the crystal back to planet Wings. 

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