Zados, the Sand Planet

Following the tattoo map, Cobra, Dominique and Lady Armaroid arrive at planet Zados. They were followed by Sandra and the Snow Gorillas and although Cobra shoots down their space ship Sandra enters the pyramid first. Cobra follows but it contains a maze of corridors and he is caught in Sandra's piano string trap. He escapes and they play a cat and mouse game through the corridors. Sandra finds a doorway to the royal tomb surrounded by human skeletons and a moat and containing a female water-snake beast. Sandra's mechanical dog attacks the beast and as Sandra prepares to proceed, Cobra arrives. The water-snake beast kills Sandra's dog and it captures Cobra and Sandra, dragging them underwater. Sandra escapes and commences to unlock the doorway. Cobra is trapped underwater, but finds a small underwater passage and uses his Psychogun to kill the beast. Sandra enters the treasure chamber, but Cobra is already there. It appears that the room only contains treasure, but Sandra finds an egg-shaped object containing an eye. 

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