Death Match! The Horror of the Sand Ocean

Cobra lands on planet Bakoosa with a sea of sand that was inhabited by the Swordians. An old Swordian is thrown out of a bar for continually singing a sad song about their glorious past. After visiting the sand sea, Cobra and Lady return to the town and find it deserted. People have been killed by swords and their ship the Turtle is damaged. Lady is attacked by armored sword wielding figures who cannot be killed, but when Cobra breaks a sword, the figure disintegrates. Cobra leads some of the settler survivors out on the local gladas beasts into the Sand Sea to look for a solution. The old Swordian tells the story of invasion where the original inhabitants were dispossessed of their lands until a leader, Babel, fought back with powerful weapons changing the Swordians into tyrants. They are attacked by Swordians and Lady is captured. Cobra takes advantage of the Sand Sea and defeats them, rescuing Lady. 

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