The Two Sword Kings

Cobra and Lady create a distraction for the Swordians in the Sand Sea so that the settlers can escape. However Swordians' secret base, the Sand Rook which rises out of the sand and they are captured. Cobra escapes from his cell, finds a hidden passageway and discovers the chained Swordian King Jeek. He explains that the Swordians are actually swords, and the armoured figures who wield them are their puppets. They used to feed on the energy of animals, but now Babel is now using humans instead. Cobra frees King Jeek, and dressed in his armour, challenges Babel to a duel. During the fight, Babel is exposed to be using a robot to amplify his psychic powers. Cobra uses his own senses to defeat him, restoring King Jeek to the throne and allowing the settlers to remain without fear. 

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