Will It Happen?! A Grand Slam From Behind

Round 2 of the Rug-Ball match commences. Rand doesn't want the Division 1 team beaten, and offers Cobra money to lose the game. Cobra plays to win, however he is double-teamed by the other side and is taken off injured. He leaves the infirmary and looks for the drug shipment. Without him the team struggles and Division 1 scores 2 home runs. Cobra finds the drugs and downloads the shipping details to trace their route, however he is recorded by surveillance cameras. He returns to the field and helps his team, but Rand now knows his true purpose and places snipers at the exits. Cobra hides the data in the ball and hits the ball out of the stadium where Dominique retrieves it, giving the Galactic Patrol the justification to arrest Rand. The home run wins the game for the Z Team. 

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