Care to Buy a Robot

While planning to rob the Galactic bank, Cobra and Lady buy a cute robot as they pass through a bazaar. It has a forearm attached by a chain which Cobra shoots off and leaves. After recharging, the robot starts to retrieve its memory, including that it had a mission. That night, the forearm regenerates into a humanoid robot. It generates lightning and brings the abandoned robots in the junkyard to life. In the morning, they find their robot gone, and a crew of women nectar gatherers murdered. Their docile nectar gathering robots have become murderous as well as all of the robots in the city. Meanwhile the humanoid robot has become a giant, absorbing other robots into its body. They find their little robot which explains that the robots are being controlled by Zaval O which was its prisoner. Zaval O was created by a warring planet to control robots and kill humans, and is indestructible. The little robot uses the only weapon that's effective against it and reverses time. Now, when Cobra sees the little robot in the bazaar, he doesn't buy it. 

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