The Tomb at the Bottom of the Ocean

Cobra is on vacation with Dominique near Port Osiris when the cruise ship Queen Carady is attacked and sunk. Their boat is then attacked by large torpedo-firing metal fish and Dominique is captured. He is chased by women underwater, but after he is shot in the arm by a poison arrow from a spear gun, cannot use the Psychogun. Ashore, the locals will not speak to him and he is threatened by one of his attackers. He kills her instead and collapses from the poison. Ellis, a local woman, takes him to her hut where she explains that the pirate Ironhead sinks ships carrying gold and takes it to their underwater base. He detects that Ellis is a cyborg, the same as those who attacked him, and after some pyrotechnics, travels to Ironhead's underwater base in the Turtle's submarine. He enters the base and commences its destruction. He meets the woman leader Ironhead, destroys her body and rescues Dominique. Ironhead gets a new body and chases them, but he finally destroys her and they are rescued by Lady in the Turtle. 

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