Cobra Is Dead?!

Cobra steals 30,000 silver diamonds from The Guild, and heads for planet Lark to hide out. While Cobra has a check-up with his doctor, Cyborgs on magnetic roller skates capture Lady. Weapons maker Brian Reed of the Leord Society demands their return in exchange for Lady. Cobra tries to break into the Leord headquarters but is captured. The woman who told him their location is frozen in a pool of liquid nitrogen and killed. When Reed threatens to kill Lady, Cobra divulges the location of the diamonds which he accuses Reed of stealing from the Ginef mines. Reed's men retrieve the diamonds, but when Cobra is freed, they push him into the pool of liquid nitrogen. As he falls, he frees Lady who shoots Reed's men and carries the frozen Cobra to his doctor. Reed's men track them and attack. Lady holds them off while the doctor flies off in his mobile surgery. Just as the mobile surgery is boarded by Reed's men, Cobra revives and shoots them. He goes after Reed on a jet-powered skateboard, and attacks their truck, taking out the cyborgs and retrieving the diamonds. 

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