Updated on March 13, 2019

PSYCHO-PASS is an ongoing anime series that started in 2012. So far 34 episodes of PSYCHO-PASS have been aired. PSYCHO-PASS has no reported filler.

A crime drama that depicts a world where a person's criminal intent can be gauged by technology. Officer Akane Tsunemori strives to fix the problems inherent in such a system with the help of latent criminals known as Enforcers, these are essentially the human bloodhounds of the police force.

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Canon Episodes:1-34

PSYCHO-PASS Episode List

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1Crime Coefficient Canon2012-10-12
2Those CapableCanon2012-10-19
3Rearing ConventionsCanon2012-10-26
4Nobody Knows Your MaskCanon2012-11-02
5Nobody Knows Your FaceCanon2012-11-09
6Return of the Psychotic PrinceCanon2012-11-16
7Symbolism of Bletilla StriataCanon2012-11-23
8And Then, Silence.Canon2012-11-30
9Paradise FruitCanon2012-12-07
10Methuselah's GameCanon2012-12-14
11Saint's SupperCanon2012-12-21
12Devil's CrossroadCanon2013-01-10
13Invitation from the AbyssCanon2013-01-17
14Sweet PoisonCanon2013-01-24
15The Town Where Sulfur FallsCanon2013-01-31
16The Gate to JudgmentCanon2013-02-07
17Iron HeartCanon2013-02-14
18A Promise Written on WaterCanon2013-02-21
19Transparent ShadowCanon2013-02-28
20Where Justice LiesCanon2013-03-07
21Blood-Stained RewardCanon2013-03-14
22Perfect WorldCanon2013-03-22
23The Scales of Justice <299/300>Canon2014-10-09
24The Creeping UnknownCanon2014-10-16
25The Devil's ProofCanon2014-10-23
26The Salvation of JobCanon2014-10-30
27Unforbidden GamesCanon2014-11-06
28Those Who Cast StonesCanon2014-11-13
29Untraceable ChildrenCanon2014-11-20
30Conception of the Sibyl < AA >Canon2014-11-27
31Omnipotence ParadoxCanon2014-12-04
32Gauging the SoulCanon2014-12-11
33What Color?Canon2014-12-18
34Psycho-Pass - The MovieCanon2015-01-09