Two Magi (Part 1)

Feeling guilty about how he has been making Saber hide away from plain view, Shirō decides to introduce her to Sakura and Taiga during dinner, saying she is a distant relative of Kiritsugu's. Feeling threatened by her presence, Taiga challenges Saber to a kendo duel, but winds up losing quickly and having to allow her to stay. Meanwhile, as they investigate the gas leaks occurring throughout the city, Archer asks Rin what she would do if she comes across Shirō, her sworn enemy, again, to which she replies she will kill him. After eating breakfast, Shirō heads for school alone, but not before Saber urges him to use a Command Seal to summon him if he ever thought he was in danger. At school, he learns Mitsuzuri had gone missing and that Shinji is suspected of having a connection to it. Afterwards, once school is out, Rin unexpectedly attacks Shirō, with the chase being witnessed by an unknown female Servant. 

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