The Strongest Enemy

The girl introduces herself as Illyasviel von Einzbern, then has her Servant, identified as being of the Berserker class, attack Saber, who is still wounded from her battle with Lancer. Shirō and Rin are both helpless to stop Berserker, known in real life as the ancient Greek hero Heracles, from severely wounding Saber. Unable to see Saber suffer so grievously, Shirō eventually blocks a fatal blow intended for her. Puzzled by this, Illyasviel has Berserker de-materialize and leaves. As he dies, Shirō has a flashback to the night where Kiritsugu died, in which Kiritsugu confessed his wish to become a hero of justice and Shirō decided to take his place in accomplishing that wish. The next day, Shirō wakes up at his home to find that his body has miraculously healed itself, similar to Saber's self-regeneration ability. Later, he finds Saber at his dojo and starts to understand more about the type of person she is. As they walk back at the main home, Shirō begins contemplating about his feelings towards Saber. 

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