Infinite Creation of Swords

Having defeated Shirō, Gilgamesh mocks his ideals; he agrees with him, but reaffirms his dream nevertheless. As Gilgamesh attempts to finish Shirō off, Saber arrives and shields him, but is ordered by Shirō to save Rin. Having an epiphany about the true nature of his powers, Shirō activates Unlimited Blade Works and uses its infinite number of replicate swords to counter Gilgamesh's Noble Phantasm. Meanwhile, Saber approaches the Holy Grail and recognizes it as a corrupted, improperly-summoned Servant called Angra Mainyu. She locates Rin, who uses two Command Seals and orders her to destroy the Grail with Excalibur as she is being consumed by Angra Mainyu. When Rin loses hope of surviving, Emiya's voice chides her for giving up and a barrage of swords pelts Angra Mainyu, freeing her. With Rin free and using her final Command Seal to augment her attack, Saber unleashes Excalibur and destroys Angra Mainyu's manifestation and the Holy Grail. As she fades, Saber laments that she will be unable to watch over Rin and Shirō, but accepts that her role is over. Inside Unlimited Blade Works, Shirō manages to overwhelm Gilgamesh, who angrily tries to draw Ea, but Shirō cuts off his arm and slashes him across the chest before running out of mana. Gilgamesh tries to finish him off, but a portal to the Holy Grail opens and engulfs him. He ensnares Shirō with a chain in order to pull himself out, but Emiya, having survived Gilgamesh's attack, intervenes by shooting a dagger into Gilgamesh's head, fatally wounding him. As he speaks his last words, Gilgamesh is consumed by Angra Mainyu before the portal closes. Rin and Emiya say goodbye as he fades away, with Emiya asking her to look after his past self. Shirō reunites with Rin, and they walk off together. 

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