Shirō and Rin plan to breach Ryuudou Temple and rescue Shinji while Saber fights Gilgamesh and destroys the Holy Grail. Saber reveals she can only use her Noble Phantasm, Excalibur, once before fading, since Rin cannot supply her with enough mana due to her sharing it with Shirō. At Ryuudou Temple, Shirō and Rin observe Shinji's mutated form and a torrent of black ooze pouring out from the Holy Grail, pooling around Shinji and forming a lake. They are then confronted by Gilgamesh, who elaborates on his intentions and explains that there are too many people in the modern era without significance or purpose. At the main gate, Saber instead comes across Assassin, who is still guarding the temple despite Caster's death, as it is his anchor to the world. He reveals that he is not actually the fictitious Sasaki Kojirō, but a nameless swordsman similar to him, then expresses a desire to finish his duel with Saber before he fades. As Shirō duels Gilgamesh, the Holy Grail is bombarded by what Gilgamesh claims to be mankind's malevolent wishes. Rin approaches the mass of flesh and manages to remove Shinji from it, causing it to try and use Gilgamesh as a replacement vessel. However, he defends himself with a powerful sword called Ea. Meanwhile, as they duel, Assassin reveals to Saber he is already starting to fade and tries to use his Noble Phantasm, but Saber fatally wounds him. 

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