Unlimited Blade Works

Shirō and Emiya begin their battle, with Shirō finding that while he is only barely able to hold off Emiya's attacks, he is slowly becoming stronger the longer he clashes with Emiya. Meanwhile, Kirei prepares to take Rin's heart against Shinji's protests. However, Lancer, mortally wounded but still alive, fatally stabs Kirei. Shinji, on the verge of insanity, takes this opportunity to try to rape Rin again, only to be chased off by Lancer, who lightly wounds him. After freeing Rin, he collapses to the ground and laments how he would have liked for Rin to be his Master. Both Rin and Lancer bid farewell to each other, and as Rin leaves, Lancer sets a fire to destroy both himself and Kirei's corpse. Back at the main entrance, Shirō and Emiya continue to battle, with Emiya activating Unlimited Blade Works and slowly gaining the upper hand. As their swords clash, Shirō begins to see Emiya's memories and becomes aware of what his future holds in store for him. With his belief shaken, Shirō is quickly defeated by Emiya and left on the verge of death. As he lies on the ground, Shirō begins to reflect on the memories he gained from Emiya, as well as the memories of Kiritsugu saving him ten years ago. From this, Shirō concludes his ideals are not wrong, and he decides to continue to fight. At that moment, Saber's scabbard Avalon, which Kiritsugu had placed inside Shirō to heal the injuries he sustained from the fire, activates and heals Shirō's wounds. With his confidence in his ideals restored, Shirō prepares to battle Emiya again, with the declaration that he will defeat him. 

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