Idealism's End

Shirō, Saber, and Lancer arrive at Illysaviel's villa, where they are met by Archer, who explains the true nature of his summoning: Rin had not in fact summoned him by chance, and the catalyst for his summoning was actually the pendent he carries, identical to the one Rin used to save Shirō. While Lancer runs off to retrieve Rin, Saber demands to know why Archer is so intent on killing Shirō. Archer responds that, like Shirō, he aspired to become a hero of justice and actually fulfilled that ideal, but became disillusioned by it and became a Servant so he could rectify it. He then forces Saber to reveal her back-story to Shirō: her true identity is King Arthur, who hoped to use the Holy Grail to undo her decision to become the king of Britain, as she believes it was her rule that eventually resulted in the country's destruction. When she then remarks that she and Archer are different in terms of how much they were able to live up to their ideals, Archer elaborates that when he became a Guardian in order to become a true hero of justice, he became disillusioned after he was forced to take lives in order to save many more. He eventually concluded that his ideals were shallow and that it was impossible to save everyone as he envisioned. Archer then reveals his true identity: Shirō's future self, the Counter Guardian Heroic Spirit Emiya. Meanwhile, Shinji tries to rape Rin, only for Lancer to arrive and incapacitate him. Then, Kirei suddenly appears and reveals himself to be Lancer's Master. He further reveals that it was he who killed Rin's father in the previous Holy Grail War. He then orders Lancer to kill Rin, intending to use her body as a vessel for the Holy Grail. When Lancer refuses, Kirei uses one of his many Command Seals and orders him to commit suicide, which he does. Back at the main entrance, Emiya tosses Shirō one of his swords and orders him to kill himself with it. However, Shirō refuses, proclaiming that since he learned Emiya's story, he will do all he can to avoid becoming him. As a result, he and Emiya prepare to engage each other in battle. 

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