Dragon Ball Heroes Filler List

Updated on March 28, 2020

Dragon Ball Heroes is an ongoing anime series that started in 2018. So far 22 episodes of Dragon Ball Heroes have been aired. Dragon Ball Heroes has no reported filler.

Dragon Ball Heroes is a promotional anime based off of the massively popular Japanese card game Dragon Ball Heroes.

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Anime Canon Episodes:1-22

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode List

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1Goku vs. Goku! A Transcendent Battle Begins on the Prison Planet!Anime Canon2018-07-01
2Goku Goes Berserk! The Evil Saiyan's Rampage!!Anime Canon2018-07-16
3The Mightiest Radiance! Vegito Blue Kaio-Ken Explodes!Anime Canon2018-09-06
4Rage! Super Fu Appears!Anime Canon2018-09-27
5The Mightiest Warrior! Super Saiyan 4 Vegito!!Anime Canon2018-10-28
6I'll Settle This!! Activation! Ultra Instinct!Anime Canon2018-12-22
7Zamasu Revived?! The Curtain Rises on the Universal Conflict Arc!Anime Canon2019-01-10
8The Ultimate Worst Warriors Invade! Universe 6 Demolished!Anime Canon2019-02-24
9Goku Revived!! Strongest vs. Strongest Collide!Anime Canon2019-03-07
10Counterattack! Fierce Attack! Goku and Vegeta!Anime Canon2019-04-18
11Fierce Fight! Universe 11's Climactic Battle!Anime Canon2019-05-09
12Super Warriors Gather! Universe 7's Decisive Battle!Anime Canon2019-06-22
13Super Hearts Joins the Fight! An All-Out Earth-Shaking Battle!Anime Canon2019-07-11
14The Menacing Universe Seed! Kamioren's Rampage!!Anime Canon2019-07-28
15Send Kamioren Flying! Overwhelming! Ultra Instinct!Anime Canon2019-09-05
16Zamasu vs. Universe 7! Ambition's End!Anime Canon2019-10-10
17The Ultimate Godslayer! Hearts is Born!Anime Canon2019-10-27
18Super Decisive Battle! Gogeta vs. Hearts!Anime Canon2019-12-21
19Ultimate Conclusion! The Universal Conflict Ends!Anime Canon2020-01-09
20Decisive Battle! Time Patrol vs. the Dark KingAnime Canon2020-02-23
21The Gods of Destruction Invade! The Beginning of a New Battle!Anime Canon2020-03-05
22Fu's Plan! The Threat of the Dreadful Universal Tree!Anime Canon2020-04-09

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