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Updated on July 13, 2021

Dragon Ball GT was an anime series that ran from 1996 to 1997. In total 65 episodes of Dragon Ball GT were aired. With a total of 65 reported filler episodes, Dragon Ball GT has a very high filler percentage of 100%.

After finding Uub at the end of Dragon Ball Z, Goku faces yet a new dangerous journey. Evil forces have threaten to scatter the Dragon Balls to the far corners of the universe. Unless Goku can recover all seven within a year, the Earth will meet its end!

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Filler Episodes:1-65

Dragon Ball GT Episode List

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1A Devastating WishFiller1996-02-07
2Pan Blasts OffFiller1996-02-14
3Terror on ImeckaFiller1996-02-21
4The Most Wanted ListFiller1996-02-28
5Goku vs. LedgicFiller1996-03-06
6Like Pulling TeethFiller1996-03-13
7Trunks, the BrideFiller1996-03-20
8Whisker PowerFiller1996-04-17
9Lord LuudFiller1996-04-24
10Dance and AttackFiller1996-05-01
11Lord Luud's CurseFiller1996-05-08
12The Last Oracle of LuudFiller1996-05-15
13The Man Behind the CurtainFiller1996-05-22
14The Battle WithinFiller1996-06-05
15Beginning of the EndFiller1996-06-12
16Giru's Checkered PastFiller1996-06-19
17Pan's GambitFiller1996-06-26
18Unexpected PowerFiller1996-07-10
19A General UprisingFiller1996-07-17
20The Source of Rilldo's PowerFiller1996-07-24
21A Secret RevealedFiller1996-08-14
22The Baby SecretFiller1996-08-21
23Hidden DangerFiller1996-08-26
24Discovering the TruthFiller1996-09-04
25Baby's ArrivalFiller1996-10-16
26Saiyan HuntingFiller1996-10-30
27The Attack on VegetaFiller1996-11-06
28A Worldwide ProblemFiller1996-11-13
29The Fall of The SaiyansFiller1996-11-27
30The Game After LifeFiller1996-12-04
31Collapse From WithinFiller1996-12-11
32The Return of UubFiller1997-01-08
33The Tail's TaleFiller1997-01-15
34Back in the GameFiller1997-01-22
35Goku's AscensionFiller1997-01-29
36The Tuffle Gorilla Attacks!Filler1997-02-05
37Old Kai's Last StandFiller1997-02-12
38Family BondsFiller1997-02-19
39Baby Put to RestFiller1997-02-26
40Piccolo's DecisionFiller1997-03-05
41Curtain CallFiller1997-03-12
42A Dangerous UnionFiller1997-04-16
43The Resurrection of Cell and FriezaFiller1997-04-23
4417 Times 2Filler1997-04-30
45Piccolo's Best BetFiller1997-05-14
46Raising the StakesFiller1997-05-28
47The Greatest SurpriseFiller1997-06-04
48The Shadow DragonsFiller1997-06-11
49The Two-Star DragonFiller1997-06-18
50The Five-Star DragonFiller1997-06-25
51The Six-Star DragonFiller1997-07-09
52The Seven-Star DragonFiller1997-07-09
53Saying GoodbyeFiller1997-07-16
54The Four-Star DragonFiller1997-07-20
55The Heart of the PrinceFiller1997-07-30
56The Three-Star DragonFiller1997-08-06
57The One-Star DragonFiller1997-08-13
58Shadow Dragons UniteFiller1997-09-24
59Super Saiyan 4 VegetaFiller1997-10-01
60Super Saiyan 4 FusionFiller1997-10-08
61The Limits of PowerFiller1997-10-15
62Rescue GokuFiller1997-10-22
63Universal AlliesFiller1997-11-12
64Until We Meet Again?Filler1997-11-19
65A Hero's LegacyFiller1997-11-26

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