Devilman Crybaby Filler List

Updated on September 30, 2018

Devilman Crybaby was an anime series that ran from 2018 to 2018. In total 10 episodes of Devilman Crybaby were aired. With a total of 4 reported filler episodes, Devilman Crybaby has a moderate filler percentage of 40%.

In Japan, Akira Fudo is a regular highschool student. His life is turned upside down when his best friend Ryo Asuka reveals to him that demons are real.

To fight in the war and to save humanity against devils, Akira must become a devil. He must fuse his body with a demon and keep his human heart. He must become a Devilman!

This is the first anime of Devilman to fully adapt the manga.

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Quick List

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Filler Episodes:3-6
Canon Episodes:1-2, 7-10

Devilman Crybaby Episode List

Hide Episode Titles
1I Need YouMostly Canon2018-01-05
2One Hand Is EnoughMostly Canon2018-01-05
3Believe Me!Mostly Filler2018-01-05
4Come, AkiraMostly Filler2018-01-05
5Beautiful SileneMostly Filler2018-01-05
6Neither Demon Nor HumanFiller2018-01-05
7Weak Humans, Wise DemonsMostly Canon2018-01-05
8I Must Know MyselfMostly Canon2018-01-05
9Go to Hell, You MortalsMostly Canon2018-01-05
10CrybabyMostly Canon2018-01-05

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