Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Filler List

Updated on September 22, 2022

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion was an anime series that ran from 2006 to 2008. In total 50 episodes of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion were aired. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion has no reported filler.

Lelouch, an exiled Imperial Prince of Britannia posing as a student, finds himself in the ongoing conflict for the island nation. Through a chance meeting with a mysterious girl named C.C., Lelouch gains his Geass, the power of the king. Now endowed with absolute dominance over any person, Lelouch may finally realize his goal of bringing down Britannia from within!

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Anime Canon Episodes:1-50

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode List

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1Stage 01 - The Day a New Demon Was BornAnime Canon2006-10-06
2Stage 02 - The White Knight AwakensAnime Canon2006-10-13
3Stage 03 - The False ClassmateAnime Canon2006-10-20
4Stage 04 - His Name is ZeroAnime Canon2006-10-27
5Stage 05 - The Princess and the WitchAnime Canon2006-11-02
6Stage 06 - The Stolen MaskAnime Canon2006-10-09
7Stage 07 - Attack CorneliaAnime Canon2006-11-17
8Stage 08 - The Black KnightsAnime Canon2006-11-24
9Stage 09 - RefrainAnime Canon2006-12-08
10Stage 10 - Guren DancesAnime Canon2006-12-15
11Stage 11 - Battle for NaritaAnime Canon2006-12-22
12Stage 12 - The Messenger From KyotoAnime Canon2007-01-05
13Stage 13 - Shirley at GunpointAnime Canon2007-01-12
14Stage 14 - Geass vs. GeassAnime Canon2007-01-19
15Stage 15 - Cheering MaoAnime Canon2007-01-26
16Stage 16 - Nunnally Held HostageAnime Canon2007-02-02
17Stage 17 - Knight Anime Canon2007-02-09
18Stage 18 - I Order you, Suzaku KururugiAnime Canon2007-02-23
19Stage 19 - Island of the GodsAnime Canon2007-03-02
20Stage 20 - The Battle for KyushuAnime Canon2007-03-09
21Stage 21 - The School Festival DeclarationAnime Canon2007-03-16
22Stage 22 - Bloodstained EuphyAnime Canon2007-03-23
23Stage 23 - At Least with SorrowAnime Canon2007-03-30
24Stage 24 - The Collapsing StageAnime Canon2007-07-29
25Stage 25 - ZeroAnime Canon2007-07-29
26Turn 01 - The Day a Demon AwakensAnime Canon2008-04-06
27Turn 02 - Plan for Independent JapanAnime Canon2008-04-13
28Turn 03 - Imprisoned in CampusAnime Canon2008-08-20
29Turn 04 - Counterattack at the GallowsAnime Canon2008-08-27
30Turn 05 - Knights of the RoundAnime Canon2008-05-04
31Turn 06 - Surprise Attack over the PacificAnime Canon2008-05-11
32Turn 07 - The Abandoned MaskAnime Canon2008-05-18
33Turn 08 - One Million MiraclesAnime Canon2008-05-25
34Turn 09 - A Bride in the Vermillion Forbidden CityAnime Canon2008-06-08
35Turn 10 - When Shen Hu Wins GloryAnime Canon2008-06-15
36Turn 11 - Power of PassionAnime Canon2008-06-22
37Turn 12 - Love Attack!Anime Canon2008-06-29
38Turn 13 - Assassin from the PastAnime Canon2008-07-06
39Turn 14 - Geass HuntAnime Canon2008-07-13
40Turn 15 - The Cs' WorldAnime Canon2008-07-20
41Turn 16 - United Federation of Nations Resolution Number OneAnime Canon2008-07-27
42Turn 17 - The Taste of HumiliationAnime Canon2008-08-03
43Turn 18 - Final Battle Tokyo IIAnime Canon2008-08-10
44Turn 19 - BetrayalAnime Canon2008-08-17
45Turn 20 - Emperor DismissedAnime Canon2008-08-24
46Turn 21 - The Ragnarok ConnectionAnime Canon2008-08-31
47Turn 22 - Emperor LelouchAnime Canon2008-09-07
48Turn 23 - Schneizel's GuiseAnime Canon2008-09-14
49Turn 24 - The Grip of DamoclesAnime Canon2008-09-21
50Final Turn - Re;Anime Canon2008-09-28