Distant Memories

King’s remembers when he was King of Shiva with Queen Romila and the Chaos armada of spaceships attacked the castle with superior weaponry. Chaos was assisted by a figure with a left arm gun who shot at him, killing his wife - the group suspect it was Cobra. They confront Cobra about the past, but before he can answer, he is attacked by the energy dragon. The Queen of Spades fires and Cobra and the dragon fall into a pit below. The dragon dissipates in the water, and Cobra finds what look like the mother ship of the Chaos army with a large glowing sphere at its center. The others open the vault and find untold treasures which the Queen of Spades claims it as her own. She shoots Seven and Eight, then kills the Jack of Spades with a gun attached to her left arm. She admits she is a Chaos Trooper and that it was she who shot King in the past, but before she can fire at him, Cobra shoots her with his Psychogun. He had suspected her from the beginning and as the sender of the invitations. The energy dragon reappears and absorbs the Queen of Spades - it manipulates the Chaos Troops and absorbs the life force and knowledge of its victims. Before it can attack him, Cobra detonates an explosive that destroys the Chaosian life support sphere, ending their colonization plans. Cobra only takes a large ruby necklace for his trouble and leaves, giving it to Eight, forlorn as her husband Seven had died. King sees a wanted posted for Cobra with his old face and realizes that he was a thief whose life he spared many years ago. 

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