The Devil of the Temple

Using Zaru’s submarine, they travel to the island of Shiva Castle, a place where Cobra has been before. They arrive at the town of Saldora and Fairy Forest, Ellis’ birthplace. They encounter a frog race who are against Chaos. They seek a temple which has an underground waterway to the castle. Unfortunately it is closed, so Ellis uses her powers to find a way to open it. Meanwhile Seven and Eight continue bickering - they are husband and wife entities inhabiting the same cyborg body. While Seven sleeps, Eight tries to form an alliance with Cobra, and tells how they were once safe-crackers, but after an explosion destroyed their bodies, they can only exist within the cyborg. Ellis is captured and King rushes off alone to rescue her so the others follow. They split up to find King, but they find he was captured and taken to the temple. In the temple, Ellis is about to be sacrificed, so Cobra gets Seven and Eight to create a diversion so he can initiate a rescue. They manage to rescue Ellis, but the doorway to the waterway requires human blood to open. They slay the head priest, Engola, who’s blood triggers the doorway, but behind it is an energy dragon holding King. They free King and head to the basement, but are met by Chaos Beast Mechas. They fight their way to the submarine, followed by the Mechas, but the frog race partisans come to their rescue. King is badly wounded, but slowly starts to regain some memories. 

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