Clannad Filler List

Updated on September 15, 2022

Clannad was an anime series that ran from 2007 to 2008. In total 24 episodes of Clannad were aired. With a total of 5 reported filler episodes, Clannad has a moderate filler percentage of 21%.

Tomoya has no interest in school until he meets Nagisa and, to impress her, he helps reform the drama club.

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-12, 15, 19-23
Filler Episodes:13-14, 16-18
Anime Canon Episodes:24

Clannad Episode List

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1On the Hillside Path Where the Cherry Blossoms FlutterManga Canon2007-10-04
2The First StepManga Canon2007-10-11
3Once Again After CryingManga Canon2007-10-18
4Let's Find FriendsManga Canon2007-10-25
5The Scenery With a CarvingManga Canon2007-11-01
6The Older and Younger Sister's Founder's FestivalManga Canon2007-11-08
7Star-Shaped FeelingsManga Canon2007-11-15
8The Wind That Vanishes Into DuskManga Canon2007-11-22
9Until the End of the DreamManga Canon2007-11-29
10The Girl Genius' ChallengeManga Canon2007-12-06
11The After School RhapsodyManga Canon2007-12-13
12Hidden WorldManga Canon2007-12-20
13Garden of MemoriesFiller2008-01-10
14Theory of EverythingFiller2008-01-17
15Stuck ProblemManga Canon2008-01-24
163 on 3Filler2008-01-31
17A Room Without AnyoneFiller2008-02-07
18Counter MeasuresFiller2008-02-14
19A New LifeManga Canon2008-02-28
20A Hidden PastManga Canon2008-03-06
21Face Toward the School FestivalManga Canon2008-03-13
22Two ShadowsManga Canon2008-03-20
23The Events of Summer HolidaysManga Canon2008-03-27
24Another World: Tomoyo ChapterAnime Canon2008-07-16


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Episode 13, 14, 16, 17 and 18 are filler episodes that aren't happening in the manga but I'd still recommend you to watch them

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