Beyblade X Filler List

Updated on June 8, 2024

Beyblade X is an ongoing anime series that started in 2023. So far 36 episodes of Beyblade X have been aired. With a total of 16 reported filler episodes, Beyblade X has a high filler percentage of 44%.

Amateur Blader Kazami Bird finds himself out of a team when he is ditched by his friends after a crushing defeat. Lucky for him, a chance encounter with former champ Kurosu Ekusu leads these two unlikely teammates to join forces. Ekusu intends to climb back to the top of The X under the alias “Kamen X” and challenge his old teammate and current champ, Chrome Ryugu. When they find a third team member in mega-popular influencer Nanairon Multi, the newly-formed Team Persona set their sights on going pro and claiming their spot at the top. It’s time to show the world something X-traordinary!

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-5, 7-8, 10-12, 22-25, 35-36
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:9, 31, 33
Filler Episodes:6, 13-20, 26-30, 32, 34
Anime Canon Episodes:21

Beyblade X Episode List

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1XManga Canon2023-10-06
2The Rainbow Colored AssassinManga Canon2023-10-13
3Team PersonaManga Canon2023-10-20
4Bey SponsorManga Canon2023-10-27
5Onwards to X TowerManga Canon2023-11-03
6Lion's JungleFiller2023-11-10
7Team ZooganicManga Canon2023-11-17
8The Mask and the Lion KingManga Canon2023-11-24
9Bey CrafterMixed Canon/Filler2023-12-01
10The World Of ProsManga Canon2023-12-08
11Kadovar's testManga Canon2023-12-15
12The Final BattleManga Canon2023-12-22
13Fan Number OneFiller2024-01-05
14Ekusu ExerciseFiller2024-01-12
15Riddles and BeysFiller2024-01-19
16Noblesse ObligeFiller2024-01-26
17Bey Time ShiftFiller2024-02-02
20Sushi Memory Filler2024-02-23
21Producing PopularityAnime Canon2024-03-01
22Black and WhiteManga Canon2024-03-08
23True HeartManga Canon2024-03-15
24Advent of the FastestManga Canon2024-03-22
25Proof of the FastestManga Canon2024-03-29
27An Unyielding EndFiller2024-04-12
28King and PhoenixFiller2024-04-19
29Mask and Meat BunFiller2024-04-26
30Riddles and PopularityFiller2024-05-03
31My FriendsMixed Canon/Filler2024-05-10
32New PartnerFiller2024-05-17
33The Promise of the Index FingerMixed Canon/Filler2024-05-24
34Multi-Colored VisitorFiller2024-05-31
35Dream CompetitionManga Canon2024-06-07
36BladershipManga Canon2024-06-14

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