Xiang Ying, Her Lost Name

The battle between Ryo's group and Qing Long. In the midst of events, Xin Hong lured Qing Long soldiers into a suicide bombing attempt in order to protect Glass Heart, was saved by Ryo. During their training days, Glass Heart and Xin Hong, who had trusted and supported each other, was ordered to kill each other in the final test. Glass Heart thought that she had killed Xin Hong. Xin Hong blamed himself for the deep psychological scar that the incident had caused Glass Heart. Xin Hong revealed that he was also the sniper who had shot Master Li. They fell sleep as an unknown group of people launched sleeping gas, and these people took Xin Hong away. Worrying about her long lost friend's life, Glass Heart stabbed herself to keep her awake and went after Xin Hong's captors. Meanwhile, Master Li's personal bodyguard unit, the Genbu, came to finish off the Qing Long in order to stop the fighting. Xin Hong waked up on the roof of a building and faced Master Li. Xin Hong explained to Master Li why he chose to leave his unit and fight along with Glass Heart. Master Li seemed appreciated his courage and "executed" him for his rebellious action. Master Li allowed Xin Hong leave Zeng Dao Hui and live a normal life. Glass Heart arrived and talked to Xin Hong before she fell unconscious. Xing Hong left for "something must be done", and left Glass Heart to Master Li. 

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