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Master Li reunited with unconscious Glass Heart, his daughter. He explained that his wife and young daughter were in a car accident that sent the car over a cliff. The police couldn't find the body of his daughter in the water and she was assumed dead. She was later picked up by his very own organization and trained to become the assassin Glass Heart. Li found out that Glass Heart is the daughter he had lost 11 years ago on the day she jumped off the building in episode 1, committing suicide. In a desperate attempt to save her life no matter the cost, he ordered his subordinates to steal the heart not knowing it was Kaori's. He asked Ryo to forgive him and told him Glass Heart's real name is Xiang Ying. Li found out that Cho, one of his ambitious lieutenants, was the mastermind behind a coup attempt at Zheng Dao Hui. Cho was the one that ordered Xin Hong to snipe Li and ordered the Qing Long unit to kill Glass Heart. Genbu and Xin Hong raced to assassinate Cho but he was sniped by Ryo. Ryo revealed to Xin Hong about Glass Heart's name and hinted that he should be the one to tell Glass Heart of her name.

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