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Updated on November 1, 2018

Yu Yu Hakusho was an anime series that ran from 1992 to 2018. In total 114 episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho were aired. With a total of 6 reported filler episodes, Yu Yu Hakusho has a very low filler percentage of 5%.

Yusuke Urameshi, a teenage delinquent, finds himself dead after pushing a child out of the way of oncoming traffic. Even the Spirit World was surprised that he would sacrifice himself because of his bad personality and Yusuke is given another chance at life after realizing he wasn't supposed to die. He is brought back to life as a Spirit Detective in order to investigate paranormal activity such as ghosts and demons.

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Filler Episodes:13, 107-109, 111, 114
Canon Episodes:1-12, 14-106, 110, 112-113

Yu Yu Hakusho Episode List

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1Surprised to be DeadCanon1992-10-10
2Koenma AppearsCanon1992-10-17
3Kuwabara: A Promise Between MenCanon1992-10-24
4Requirements for LoversCanon1992-10-31
5Yusuke's BackCanon1992-11-07
6Three MonstersMostly Canon1992-11-14
7Gouki and KuramaCanon1992-11-21
8The Three Eyes of HieiCanon1992-11-28
9The Search BeginsCanon1992-12-05
10Kuwabara's Spirit SwordCanon1992-12-12
11Hard Fights for YusukeMostly Canon1992-12-19
12Rando Rises, Kuwabara FallsCanon1992-12-26
13Yusuke vs. Rando: 99 AttacksMostly Filler1993-01-09
14The Beasts of Maze CastleCanon1993-01-16
15Genbu, the Stone BeastCanon1993-01-23
16Byakko, the White TigerCanon1993-01-30
17Byakko's LairCanon1993-02-06
18Seiryu, the Blue DragonCanon1993-02-13
19Suzaku, Leader of the BeastsCanon1993-02-20
20Seven Ways to DieCanon1993-02-27
21Yusuke's SacrificeCanon1993-03-06
22Lamenting BeautyCanon1993-03-13
23The Toguro Brothers GangCanon1993-03-20
24The Deadly TriadCanon1993-03-27
25Kuwabara's Fight of LoveCanon1993-04-10
26Toguro ReturnsCanon1993-04-17
27The Dark Tournament BeginsCanon1993-04-24
28First FightCanon1993-05-01
29Flowers of BloodCanon1993-05-08
30Dragon of the Darkness FlameCanon1993-05-15
31Stumbling WarriorCanon1993-05-22
32Knife Edge Death-MatchCanon1993-05-29
33A Day in WaitingCanon1993-06-05
34Percentage of VictoryCanon1993-06-12
35Glimpse Beneath the MaskCanon1993-06-19
36Ambition Destroyed: A Trial of LightCanon1993-06-26
37Master of DisguiseCanon1993-07-03
38Kurama's StandCanon1993-07-10
39Crushing RevengeCanon1993-07-17
40Jin, the Wind MasterCanon1993-07-24
41Reverse DecisionsCanon1993-07-31
42A Master of Love and DeathCanon1993-08-07
43The Masked Fighter RevealedCanon1993-08-14
44Yusuke's Final TestCanon1993-08-21
45Hiei Battles OnCanon1993-08-28
46Many Faces, Many FormsCanon1993-09-04
47Legendary Bandit: Yoko KuramaCanon1993-09-11
48The Cape of No ReturnCanon1993-09-18
49Genkai's StrengthCanon1993-09-25
50Suzuka's ChallengeCanon1993-10-02
52The Death of GenkaiCanon1993-10-16
53Overcoming GriefCanon1993-10-23
54The Beginning of the EndCanon1993-10-30
55The Beast Within the DarkCanon1993-11-06
56Yoko's MagicCanon1993-11-13
57Beneath Bui's ArmorCanon1993-11-20
58Wielder of the DragonCanon1993-11-27
59The Shadow of Elder ToguroCanon1993-12-04
60Sakyo's ProposalCanon1993-12-11
61Yusuke vs. ToguroCanon1993-12-18
62Toguro's Full PowerCanon1993-12-25
63Yusuke's DespairCanon1994-01-08
64Toguro's DesireCanon1994-01-15
65Out With a BangCanon1994-01-22
66Toguro's WishCanon1994-01-29
67Return to Living WorldCanon1994-02-05
68Setting the TrapCanon1994-02-12
69The Power of TabooCanon1994-02-19
70Genkai's RuseCanon1994-02-26
71The TunnelCanon1994-03-05
72The ReaderCanon1994-03-12
73The Doctor's DiseaseCanon1994-03-19
74Sleep, Doctor, SleepCanon1994-03-26
75Caught in the RainCanon1994-04-02
76Kuwabara: AwakeningCanon1994-04-09
77Sensui's FallCanon1994-04-16
78Divide and ConquerCanon1994-04-23
79The Human RaceCanon1994-04-30
80Moving TargetCanon1994-05-07
81Let the Games BeginCanon1994-05-14
82If You Could Play ForeverCanon1994-05-21
83Game OverCanon1994-05-28
84Kurama's Anger, Gourmet's GuestCanon1994-06-04
85Spirit Detective ShowdownCanon1994-06-11
86The Difference MakerCanon1994-06-18
87Power Between the TeethCanon1994-06-25
88The True Face of SensuiCanon1994-07-02
89Death of a Spirit DetectiveCanon1994-07-09
90Attempting RevengeCanon1994-07-16
91Waking the LostCanon1994-07-23
92The ProofCanon1994-07-30
93Sensui's EndCanon1994-08-06
95Yusuke's DestinyCanon1994-08-20
96Three Strangers, Three KingsCanon1994-08-27
97Departing Living WorldCanon1994-09-03
98Return to Demon WorldCanon1994-09-10
99Haunted by the PastCanon1994-09-17
100The Secret of the JaganCanon1994-09-24
101Reunion of the BanditsCanon1994-10-01
102Torn Between IdentitiesCanon1994-10-08
104Every Demon for HimselfCanon1994-10-22
105The PreliminariesCanon1994-10-29
106The Battle of Father and SonCanon1994-11-05
107The Demon World Tournament BeginsFiller1994-11-12
108Farewell, KuramaFiller1994-11-19
109Love and WarFiller1994-11-26
110A Reason to FightCanon1994-12-03
112To the FutureCanon1994-12-17
113TWO SHOTSCanon2018-10-26
114All or NothingFiller2018-10-26

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