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Updated on September 15, 2022

UQ Holder! was an anime series that ran from 2017 to 2017. In total 12 episodes of UQ Holder! were aired. UQ Holder! has no reported filler.

Tōta Konoe, is the grandson of Negi Springfield, and just want to leave his village and live in the city of Shin-Tokyo, which has a gigantic tower structure rising into space. But when he almost die because of a bounty hunter coming after his guardian life, he discovers that he was rransformed into an immortal vampire by Yukihime. they go to a place outside his city, where Yukihime leads a secret society of immortals called UQ Holder.

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-12

UQ Holder! Episode List

Hide Episode Titles
1Beauty and the BoyManga Canon2017-10-02
2You Can't Hate Someone You Meet NakedManga Canon2017-10-09
3Palace of the ImmortalsManga Canon2017-10-16
4Invasion of the Assassins Manga Canon2017-10-23
5Magia ErebeaManga Canon2017-10-30
6Kurōmaru's Dark DaysManga Canon2017-11-06
7Reset and RestartManga Canon2017-11-13
8Operation: Capture FateManga Canon2017-11-20
9Love, Baths, and Vigorous ExerciseManga Canon2017-11-27
10Welcome to Mahora AcademyManga Canon2017-12-04
11Her Love StoryManga Canon2017-12-11
12Adeat! Everlasting Love!Manga Canon2017-12-18

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