Negima!? Filler List

(Mahou Sensei Negima?!)

Updated on December 17, 2017

Negima!? was an anime series that ran from 2006 to 2007. In total 26 episodes of Negima!? were aired. Negima!? has no reported filler.

A remake of the 2005 Negima! anime TV series.

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Canon Episodes:1-26

Negima!? Episode List

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1What? 31 students right off the bat!Canon2006-10-04
2No way! That's what you do for a probationary contract!?'Canon2006-10-11
3Oh-ho, so that's how a probationary contract card is usedCanon2006-10-18
4Teacher...... It's my first time......Canon2006-10-25
5Security deposits and key fees are expensive in Tokyo. Wait, that's not what the probationary contract's about?Canon2006-11-01
6Pardon me....... Might I not be excused with either the forehead or the cheek?Canon2006-11-08
7Um... I think there are some good things about not being seen, but I do think there are times when it's better to be seenCanon2006-11-15
8Professor; please make us adultsCanon2006-11-22
9You hide the "heart" with a "sword" and read it as ninja. It is a little different than how you write "serious" and read it as "for real"Canon2006-11-29
10Professor Negi went behind my back?! I shall never condone such a thing!Canon2006-12-06
11Huh, so the Baron is a kind of rose. I thought it was a kind of potatoCanon2006-12-13
12After much quibbling, in the end it all comes down to is how you feelCanon2006-12-20
13Rather than a question of you being the enemy, the issue is really whether or not you are a nuisance to the MasterCanon2006-12-27
14Well, sure, being cute and cheerful may be all I have going for me, but you didn't have to be so harsh...Canon2007-01-03
15Frankly speaking, in the face of magic, scientific theory might as well be nonexistentCanon2007-01-10
16Yesterday's foe is today's friendCanon2007-01-17
17Natsumi, family will always be the home run king of bonds. Don't you agree?Canon2007-01-24
18There's a bastard who gets all happy with secrets, then reveals them, and it really pisses me offCanon2007-01-31
19It's great to go back to being a kid again and having fun. Although, I can have fun without going back to being a kid, tooCanon2007-02-07
20They say, bigger the blander; but that's not necessarily true in actualityCanon2007-02-14
21A man silently eats his Ramen TakamichiCanon2007-02-21
22Aiya! Something strange is beginning to happen! This must surely be the end of the world!Canon2007-02-28
23That's right, because we're your partners!Canon2007-03-07
24Professor Negi, it appears this is the climaxCanon2007-03-14
25To Get Along is a Thing of BeautyCanon2007-03-21
26I will not say that I am lonely! Because, I have faith that we will surely meet again!Canon2007-03-28

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