That Moment's Expression

After viewing some blurred images Taiga took of Yūsaku Kitamura, Ryūji offers to take pictures of him for Taiga. During school, Taiga speaks out to the student council president, but is stopped by Yūsaku, causing her to become both happy and depressed. Yūsaku and Minori force Ryūji and Taiga to eat with them during lunch. Taiga becomes tense in the presence of Yūsaku and inadvertently tells them that Ryūji made her bentō. Ryūji covers this up by saying that he is making bentō for money. Ryūji manages to take several photos of Yūsaku, but he later finds out about them. Yūsaku shows his own photos of Taiga to Ryūji. He tells Ryūji that he confessed to Taiga a year ago that he liked her, but she quickly turned him down, only to end up liking him. Taiga later recounts this to Ryūji but becomes angry about the embarrassing things she is telling him. 

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