Ryūji and Taiga stay up all night, still unsure of what had occurred the night before, and discuss how to scare Minori. Yūsaku overhears them and wants to help, believing that Minori loves being terrified, and enlists Ami in helping too. They decide to pull a massive scare by taking a walk through a hidden cave filled with traps designed to scare Minori. However, Ami backs out after Ryūji refuses to tell her why he wants to do this. However, she eventually decides to help, and leads the group into the cave, where Yūsaku has planted many pathetic scary traps. Ami splits with the group by going to another pathway, and Ryūji follows her. While alone, Ami tells Ryūji that she is better suited for him. The situation quickly gets out of hand as Yūsaku and Minori disappear, and the mysterious hair and seaweed from last night appears again. It is later revealed that Yūsaku and Minori were playing a trick on them, which included last night's scare. The two claim to have known what Ryūji and Taiga were up to, but Minori appreciates it for being so thrilling. 

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